Saturday, February 18, 2012

We Have Our Mission Assignment!! We are going to . . .

We finally received our mission assignment!! After being called to serve as a mission president (Wes) and companion (me) four and a half months ago, we have been very eagerly waiting to hear where we would be going the end of June.

We were sent a list by the church with 30 possibilities and so we spent the past several months studying each place, (love google earth!) and making guesses as to where we will live the next three years of our lives. In fact we even put up a map and had family and friends submit their guesses, the winner getting dinner at a restaurant that serves the cuisine of that country.

And we have a winner . . . . our friends Jenny and Cory, who, along with Wes, chose . . . (drum roll . . . )

Guadalajara Mexico!!!

Okay, truth be told, I was a little disappointed initially. I have lived in Mexico and was hoping for a new adventure (as you might be able to tell by the look on my face.:-)

But after checking out the city and the mission boundaries--which include Puerto Vallarta!, my feelings have changed.

Did you know that Guadalajara boasts the largest market in the western hemisphere?!

It is the birthplace of both Mariachi music and the Mexican Hat Dance :-)

It has perfect weather--no heating or air conditioning is necessary.

It supposedly has some of the country's best food.

And besides beautiful architecture in the downtown area, and wonderful parks all through the city, it is also just a short drive from a huge lake and a canyon that is supposed to be filled with waterfalls and great hiking trails.

It almost makes me wish we were going there on vacation instead of to work as missionaries. :-)

Viva Mexico!!!