Tuesday, November 1, 2011

When Your Baby Turns 18

Here she is!! My baby girl!
I can't believe she is 18 already!!
Seriously, where did the years go?

She is a senior this year and will be leaving home next year--hopefully for BYU
We are going to miss her terribly!!
She is always so much fun and helpful, and keeps us laughing all the time.
So here are a few of my favorite recent pictures . . .
Co-captain of the varsity basketball team!
Go Michelle!!
Okay, so I am a bit ashamed of this picture. She just handed me her camera and told me to click. So I did. Then I told her she could never post that picture anywhere--so she promptly used it as her FB profile pic. (I never said she was obedient:-)
But since it is already posted on FB . . .
Letting off a little steam . . .

Ha ha! Good try Michelle.

Can you tell these girls are cousins?
Another "proud" moment. She challenged her male cousin to a pizza eating contest.
And won.
So last Saturday we celebrated her emergence into official adulthood with a Halloween/Birthday Party
Many of the kids came in costumes and they had a fun time playing games, eating, roasting marshmallows and talking around the fire.
Happy Birthday Michelle!!
We love you!

So you really don't have to go away to college next year, do you?:-)