Tuesday, November 1, 2011

When Your Baby Turns 18

Here she is!! My baby girl!
I can't believe she is 18 already!!
Seriously, where did the years go?

She is a senior this year and will be leaving home next year--hopefully for BYU
We are going to miss her terribly!!
She is always so much fun and helpful, and keeps us laughing all the time.
So here are a few of my favorite recent pictures . . .
Co-captain of the varsity basketball team!
Go Michelle!!
Okay, so I am a bit ashamed of this picture. She just handed me her camera and told me to click. So I did. Then I told her she could never post that picture anywhere--so she promptly used it as her FB profile pic. (I never said she was obedient:-)
But since it is already posted on FB . . .
Letting off a little steam . . .

Ha ha! Good try Michelle.

Can you tell these girls are cousins?
Another "proud" moment. She challenged her male cousin to a pizza eating contest.
And won.
So last Saturday we celebrated her emergence into official adulthood with a Halloween/Birthday Party
Many of the kids came in costumes and they had a fun time playing games, eating, roasting marshmallows and talking around the fire.
Happy Birthday Michelle!!
We love you!

So you really don't have to go away to college next year, do you?:-)


Momza said...

2nd try here:
What a fun girl, no wonder you'll be missing her!

Handsfullmom said...

Reading your blog makes me look forward to teenagers (they're ALWAYS great, right?). I can't believe your youngest is a senior!

Dave and Camille said...

Happy Birthday to Michelle! And it looks like an awesome party :)

rad6 said...

awww, my oldest is leaving in January and I am relating to some of your emotions, although with my youngest being 7, it is the other end of those emotions...
She is beautiful!

LeAnn said...

Wow, this was sweet! I loved the pictures and the thoughts. Happy Birthday to your daughter, also.It looked like a fun party. I remember well when my youngest daughter turned 18 and then left for BYU Idaho. A year later she was married and now has 4 children. Blessings to you and keep on enjoying the moments with that beautiful daughter.

Cherie said...

Oh my gosh what a beauty! She looks like she is so fun and has so much personality - that picture in Jackson? (It looked like the antler arch there) is HILARIOUS!! I started laughing right out loud!!

Happy Birthday

Is she the daughter that has the same birthday as my son?

Terri said...

What a cute girl! I am sad for you. I remember when my last child graduated and left home for college and for 2 weeks I thought my life must be finished, and I mopped around the house in tears. After a while I noticed my husband celebrating his new found peace and quiet and I reluctantly got drawn into adjusting to "empty nest" syndrome. (Now I watch her struggling with her little kids and I can't even comprehend that I ever had that much energy.) Wow life passes too quickly. Happy B day Michelle!

Kristin said...

Amazing . . . 18 years of treasured memories and photos, honestly where does the time go! Also, so much to look forward too :)


Rebecca Irvine said...

She is lovely! I hope my girls turn out as fun.

(I recognize that mustard costume)

Sue said...

She looks like soooo much fun. You will surely miss her, but you'll also love the vicarious enjoyment of her college years.

Happy birthday to Michelle!


Garden of Egan said...

She's beautiful!
Kids grow up so fast. It's not fair.

Looks like you were in the beautiful mountains of Jackson Hole. Awesome picture!