Friday, October 31, 2008

From Embarrassing to Humiliating

This past week has had its fill of embarrassing moments. It all began Monday with my trip to the chiropractor. After the adjustment, he casually asked if I were going straight home or running errands. That seemed like a strange question to me so I jokingly responded, “Why? Do you want me to cover for you while you step out?” He said, “No, your shirt is on wrong side out.”

That was my first one.

My second experience was much more humiliating. When I found out about my shirt I was embarrassed but only for a few minutes. After that it just seemed funny. After I told my friend Jenny about my next experience, however, she said, “Wow. That is one I think I would feel dumb about for a few days.”

It happened Wednesday morning. I finished teaching my seminary class and was putting away my things when the people over the program, two women and a man, came in and sat down. I asked what brought them to the building and was told they needed to meet and decided to do so at our building so they could see how things were going. I assumed they held their meeting during seminary and now wanted to visit with the teachers.

So, I have been known to be loquacious, and these were all very fun people I have had lengthy conversations with in the past, so I was thrilled they were all there together in one room to talk with. And in my defense I must say that they all contributed to the conversation. But after about an hour, the man asked me if I knew what time it was. I told him, and continued talking. About ten minutes later, he mentioned that he really needed to get to work. I thought, “So, go” and kept on talking. About ten minutes after that, however, I decided I needed to get home so began to say my goodbyes and finish cleaning up. I thought they would all get up to leave as well, but they didn’t. I thought, “Wow. They are not in a hurry to leave at all.” So I stayed and visited with them for a few minutes more until I knew I could not stay any longer and said my final goodbye. It was then they all pulled out their notebooks and got ready for their meeting.

Talk about being clueless! The entire time—over an hour and a half—they were waiting for me to leave so they could meet. When I realized what had happened I apologized and hurried home where I wanted to hide until everyone’s memory was dimmed by time.

In thinking about it, however, I decided embarrassing, and even humiliating moments, are part of life and in some ways season it. They remind us of our humanness and give us something to laugh about later. We have a friend whose embarrassing moment has brought us a great deal of laughter over time. He was snorkeling in murky water at Hanauma Bay, Hawaii, when he came upon a rather unusual hairy sea creature. He was feeling up and down it in an effort to examine it more closely, and thinking, “This is so strange!” when he realized he had a hold of a man’s leg. That story always gets a good laugh at parties.

And so although my week has been both embarrassing and humiliating, I know my experiences in time will become part of . . . the joy of the journey.


MissKris said...

I can totally relate... my LIFE seems to be an embarrassing moment. Oh well- I think embarrassing moments are wonderful- otherwise I'd have to try a lot harder to come up with funny stories to tell to people to make them laugh! I just consider it taking one for the team :-)

Brooke G said...

FUnny. Don't worry about it. If they never told you they were about to have a meeting, how could you have known???

Terri said...

That is so funny! Sounds like something I would do. I wonder sometimes why no one told me my blouse was on backwards when I discover it myself.

Trina said...

I am hysterically laughing ... mostly at the hairy leg part, but also at the meeting you tried to crash ... or stop.