Sunday, May 3, 2009

Super Cute Bags with "Purse"onality!

Meet two wonderfully, sweet and talented women--Amy (L) and Lisa (R)!
Out of the kindness of her heart, and with an abundance of generosity, Lisa decided to make cute bags for all the women in my ward who were going to Women's conference.
She enlisted the help of Amy and together they chose fabric to match each person's "purse"onality.

Lisa lovingly stitched each bag, while Amy carefully cut, pinned and ironed.
Not only are they cute on the outside, but inside they wisely contain four large pockets!
When they were finished, they were filled with notepads and pens, nuts, mints, gum and Dove Chocolates!

We LOVED them!
Lisa was a bit embarrassed by all the attention they attracted at conference, but we were more than happy to brag about her.
It was so much fun to put all our things in our "purse"onalized bags and walk around campus together.

What unity! What love! What fun!!
And what great friends!
We didn't even mind being called the "Bag Ladies Of WC"!

We had such a great time I am sure it will take several posts to include all the details. We stayed at Amy's in laws home in Edgemont, and together we ate, shopped, walked, sat, learned, prayed, laughed and cried.

Tuesday I will post pictures of some of my "favorite things"!


Momza said...

Ahhh women's conference! I missed it so much this year as I had to make the choice to stay home and prepare for the Caboose's baptism! But wow! what great friends you have in your life!

Christina said...

I LOVE those bags! How fun; I love all the colors they chose, too.

Alicia said...

CA-YUTE!! Can't wait to hear your "report"! Wish I would have/ could have gone!!

Carolyn said...

Have so much fun!!! I wish I were there.

Marilyn said...

Oh-so FUN! I've never been to Women's conf. My mom lives practically across the street from BYU so I feel guilty leaving her to go to WC when I am there to visit.

Becky said...

Very cute bags! What a sweet act of service.

The Kurtzeborn Family said...

Too sweet! You have a really great group of friends! Love the purses, so creative!

Valerie said...

I didn't make it to Women's conference this year so I'm surfing blogs looking for notes from classes. Just had to say that the bags are so cute and fun! And I saw that you went on a mission to Ecuador, where my husband is from. Fun too!

JUST ME, THE MOM said...

Sounds like Amy & Lisa are just the BOMB! You all look fabulous with your designer bags. They will be the hottest thing around before too long. What a fun idea!

Lisa said...

Sweet bags- and I love that they are personalized. Did you bring your daughter back with you?

Momza said...

My friend Nannette Jones recognizes one of your friends there...the one with an unusual name that starts with an "M"?
Nan is from Mesa, but has been here for 7 years.