Saturday, July 31, 2010

So My Life Isn't Perfect . . .

In a perfect world I would be in Nauvoo right now. I would be with my husband and his family, and together we would have gone through a session at the temple and then watched the Nauvoo pageant. And this afternoon we would be attending the wedding of my nephew and his very beautiful fiancé.

But a glitch in my life made me unable to go, and so I sit at home, eagerly waiting for Wes to call me with updates.

And doing a few other things like . . .

Waiting up late for children.

My sixteen and nineteen year old daughters, believing they would be home alone, apparently made plans they did not tell me about. Michelle (16) invited a friend to spend the night both Thursday and Friday nights. Thursday night they dressed up in crazy outfits and went to Wal-mart to play cards. And last night they joined forces with Kathryn (19) and her friend in the latest battle of a prank war--that for some reason could not be carried out before one in the morning.

I protested.

And was told “Don’t worry Mom. This is going to take a long time, so just go to bed and we will wake you when we get home so you will know we are safe.”

When did I lose control of the kids???

Waiting for the telephone repair man.

We had an exciting rain storm that poured sheets of rain in torrents for over an hour—flooding our streets and damaging our telephone cable. Our phones were out for about 18 hours while we waited for the telephone repair man to come and work his magic.

Avoiding the front yard.

The rain also washed all the horse manure from the neighbors horse stalls into our yard, which is why going out in the front of our house smells so very bad right now.

But all is not bad. There has also been some good like . . .

Visiting with family.

My nephew Seth and his cute wife Cairen, along with their adorable little girls came by for a visit. They live in Las Vegas but were in town on business so we got to spend a few hours with them. That was so much fun!! We don’t get family from out of state very often so every visit is greatly appreciated.

Seeing Kayla's ring!!

Kayla is my neighbor, and one of Kathryn's very best friends. She turns 19 this week, and we have known her since the day she was born. This past week she got engaged to a very cute boy who saw her at a YSA activity and thought, "She is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my entire life!" (ahhhhh) They have been together ever since.

She came over last night at midnight to show us the ring!! It is so pretty. And seeing her was so much fun!!


I have also been deep cleaning. Or “purging” as my friend Susan calls it. Being home with no other plans or responsibilities seemed like the perfect time to clean. Clutter is a funny thing. It can grow gradually, and imperceptibly. But once you notice it, it drives you crazy. And that is where I am right now. The crazy stage. So I told my girls we are cleaning as if we are moving. If we wouldn’t take it with us to a new house, out it goes!! So far we have six sacks of garbage and three bags for D.I. I am loving it!!

So, while life isn’t perfect, at least it is still be pretty good. No matter the circumstance, there always seems to be a way to find . . . joy in the journey. :-)


Lisa @ Pulsipher Page said...

Look for the Good! It's always there just have to find it. Nice that you did.

Cherie said...

Your life sounds very, very much like my life. And it IS joyful and at times a little nerve wracking - and, Yes, I have lost control of my kids too - ha ha.

I am sorry you couldn't go to Nauvoo - sometimes other things take the lead - Hope all is well!
I love your great attitude :D

Suzanne said...

You are taking this so much better than I would be. Especially about the whole Nauvoo Temple and Pageant part. From the beginning of your story, I felt you were completely entitled to go shopping or at least go to a spa and get a massage and your toes done.

The late night pranking is HI-larious! What on earth could they have been up to? Too funny! Hope your life stays really positive! -Suzanne

Mary said...

Eliza and I worked the concessions for the Nauvoo pageant Thurs. This week has been really nice in Nauvoo. Unlike the rest of the summer which has been hot, humid and rainy. I wish you could have been here too.Living here sometmes you forget to be greatful because it just feels like another day.

Momza said...

It must've been something very pressing for you not to go to Nauvoo,
so I hope whatever that was, worked out.
As for losing control of the yahoos--I have that thought nearly every day, sometimes twice. I have no answers for you. Just duck and take cover.
And cleaning? I LOVE LOVE LOVE purging my household! As I've gotten older, I no longer seek "permission" from the family to toss things out--I just do it. Rarely, and I mean, EVER, has any of them gone searching for something I've tossed...which just goes to show, we have more stuff than we need!
Hope u get some sleep tonight!

MissKris said...

You are so amazing. And so ambitious. I admire your constant productivity.

Sue said...

That kind of purging is the best thing ever. Leaves you feeling like a new woman!

I'm energized from my vacation, so I think I will follow your example this week.


DianeSS said...

It's wonderful that you can find good in the unpredictable, disappointing moments that you cannot control. That is a skill definitely worth developing - well done!

Just ME the MOM said...

Loved the ramblings, sometimes an unexpected "I just have to stay home" can be really nice. I can relate to the clutter, I looked around the other day and thought . . . "when did I start to live like this?" It's totally NOT me! LOL;)


Small House said...

Oh bugger...missing Nauvoo. You certainly found the positive though. Love teenagers!!

Catching up...and it looks as though you're having a nice summer! ENJOY!

Anonymous said...


Stef said...

Wow! What would I do with a whole day to myself. Oh the things I could do. The question is...would I? Have fun!

Roger and LeAnn said...

Your post brought back some memories of my own three teenage girls; enjoy the moments.
Meanwhile, I know exactly how you feel about missing a trip. My husband and I had a trip planned to Palmyra, New York and Kirtland, Ohio for 12 days. Instead I spent the time with a brother that was in Intensive care and finally passed away. It was so sad; but I am glad that I could be there with his family.
Live isn't perfect; but at least we can have some perfect moments sometimes.
Blessings to you! LeAnn

Lesa said...

I'm new to your blog. I like how you find the good in everyday things.