Friday, October 22, 2010

The Reality Of It All . . .

Dawn at Momza's House accepted a challenge to write the "Real Deal" of her life. I am pretty sure Dawn always writes the real deal as she is very open and honest in her posts which is one reason I always enjoy reading them.

After reading her post yesterday, however, I decided that for today I will write some things in my life that do not bring me any joy--not in the least. I don't mean to be a downer, I just intend to give a more accurate view of my life.

I also may not leave this post up for more than a few days but . . .

So, here is "The Reality Of It All" or the "Real Deal" and the joyless side of my life. I am leaving out some of the details out of respect for the privacy of those involved.

1. We have an immediate family member who was just recently diagnosed with cancer. The seriousness of it will not be determined until after a surgery that will be performed next month. This has made for a very teary week for me.

2. We have another immediate family member who is currently in the hospital undergoing a stem cell transplant for cancer. He is sick beyond sick at the moment--dealing with not only the cancer but the ravages of the treatment. This has resulted in considerable worry, concern, tears and prayers in his behalf.

3. I have a daughter in law who is six months pregnant with their first child--a boy. She is currently suffering from health complications that have severely restricted her activity and require that someone be with her at all times. Although her health and the health of the baby are our primary concerns, the mounting medical bills, the increase in health insurance costs and the fact that my son is only working part-time while going to school full time, brings additional stress to their little family.

4. My husband is a partner in a construction company. Since construction in our area is nearly dead, the company has had to lay off hundreds of workers over the past year (at considerable angst to my husband) and cut back on costs in all areas. In an effort to keep as many families on the pay roll as possible, the owners have cut their own salaries this past year to practically nothing.

5. I suffer from chronic back pain that restricts my activities and requires me to spend a lot of time with a chiropractor, and walking. If I do without either, the pain gets rather unbearable.

6. And I have a great big zit on my chin! :-)

I was visiting with a friend yesterday who asked me how I can feel any happiness with so many difficult things happening. My answer--I pray for peace, and when the feeling comes, I hold tight to it.

That, and I try to focus on the things that bring . . . joy to my journey. :-)


Sue said...

I love this post, because your faith shines through it.

We've experienced some really hard times in the past (as we all do, now and then), and we have some active struggles going on right now, but you're right. Prayer does make the difference. And holding fast to all of the joy we can.

Even in the worst of times, there's always joy to be found. We just have to look a little harder for it. (Okay, sometimes a LOT harder.)

I will keep your family members in my prayers. And I thank you for being such a good example of finding joy in the journey.


Carolyn said...

I am so glad you wrote this. It really puts things in perspective for me and makes me feel so much more grateful for my blessings and trials. I realize more and more everyone is suffering almost all the time...sometimes it's bearable...sometimes not so much.

It's ok to cry and be sad sometimes. I hope you feel better soon.

Lisa @ Pulsipher Page said...

You and your family DO have some hard trials right now. I'm so sorry. It just breaks my heart hearing about the medical scares.

I'm glad you shared because I want to do what I can to help. Prayer works miracles I know for sure. You will be in mine. {Hugs}

MissKris said...

I loved how you ended this post. Prayer really is the only answer.

Cherie said...

You will definately be in my prayers. You really do have some big obstacles at this point in your life.
It's funny how life is kind of like a rollercoaster ride. We have experienced years where there were so many serious situations it was hard to move from day to day and other years that were a breeze - I am thankful for the peace that the Gospel brings.
I love your faith and your testimony - That brings HOPE which helps you get through it all.
God Bless

Momza said...

Hey there!
I am so glad you posted a "reality check" ...mainly because I have it in my head that your life is as near perfect as it could be, and your problems only involve minor infractions on curfews once in awhile.
Knowing that you have challenges and trials and STILL remain true and faithful, AND cultivate your faith in the midst of them, inspires me to be stronger and hold tighter.
Thank you for opening up and sharing your reality.
Will hold good thoughts for you and those whose hearts are mingled with yours.

NatureGirl said...

Hang in there and thanks for the reality check...xoxox

Da Bergs said...

I am so sorry... I lost my father to cancer, my mother in law to cancer, my brother in law to cancer (he had 5 young children) Life IS hard. But, you are right... prayer gets us thru the rough times and brings us peace... you are in my prayers!

Handsfullmom said...

Thank you for sharing that life is tough on you sometimes as well. Your posts -- including this one -- do indeed bring some joy to the journey.

Just ME the MOM said...

Thanks for sharing all this - it's a reminder that we're all human with real life behind the blogs. We don't often share the down and dirty of it all. But it's a REAL life and we pretty much all have it.

That's why I constantly love and appreciate every little thought, note and cheerful support from each loved one whether online or in person. We all get through it together. That's part of the faith and hope that see's us through. Thanks for always pointing out the Joy in the Journey :)