Tuesday, February 22, 2011

So We Met the Boyfriend . . .

This past weekend Wes and I took a quick trip to Utah to meet "The Boyfriend". We did not go at our daughter's request, And let me clearly state (so I won't get into trouble) that we do not know at this time if this relationship will be temporary or permanent.

However, being the overly protective, highly curious mother that I am, I felt it was time to meet the man who was taking up so much of my daughter's time. And since Wes didn't want to miss out on the fun, he came with me.

I found it odd how I was filled with such conflicting emotions during our long drive there. Of course I am happy for K, as she is certainly smiling a lot these days, and I know having a daughter get married in the temple to a worthy young man is what I have been praying for since the day she was born. But I still felt sad at the thought that if not this young man, another will someday marry her and take her away. Probably far away. And oh, how I will miss her!!

Luckily by the time the meeting took place, I had worked through my emotions and was ready to be nice. Which was a good thing since he is a very nice boy.

And very diplomatic.

We met at the bowling alley as we thought that would be a safe and comfortable place for everyone to get acquainted. It ended up being rather humorous though. Wes is usually a fairly good bowler but was not having his best day. At the end of the first game he scored a 110 and The Boyfriend scored a 109. In the next game Wes was playing just about the same. The Boyfriend, however, had two consecutive strikes.

And then a funny thing happened. He decided to try and spin the ball for the next frame and guttered both times. Later he tried the spin again, and once again guttered.

The final score that time was Wes 99, The Boyfriend 95.

As we walked away Wes said to me, "Well, at least we know he is good at math."

And diplomacy.

Wes really would not have cared if he had been beaten, but we did think it was rather smart of The Boyfriend to lose. It also made me think that he must really like our daughter.

And here come the sad emotions again.

In other news . . . being at BYU was a complete diet-buster!! Of course no trip to Provo is complete without buying at least one mint brownie!

Unfortunately Wes went on the brownie run and came back with TWELVE of them!! Of which I am pretty sure I ate four. (Over the course of three days)

And then there were the chocolate chip cookies my mother made on Saturday night.

And the chocolate fudge pudding cake that my sister made for Sunday dinner.

And the peanut M&M's we bought to help us stay awake during the drive home.

But I am back to healthy eating today. We had black bean soup, tilapia and a green salad for dinner.

I just wish I weren't also going through sugar withdrawal. I sure wouldn't mind one of those dark, chocolatey, chewy, minty brownies right now!!

But I will be good and go find an apple instead.


DianeSS said...
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DianeSS said...

Boyfriends and brownies.......Hmmm, sounds like a worthwhile trip to me!

Momza said...

I can totally relate to your sentiments and your tastebuds.
Sounds like a yummy trip all around.

Be Thou Humble said...

I'm not ready for the boyfriend thing yet and hopefully Brittany isn't either!!! BUT, I did discover the most delicious apple ever--"honeycrisp"! They are a little pricy but worth it (and I don't even like apples!)

Julie said...

That picture is just mouth-watering. I have to admit that I can easily eat 4 BYU mint brownies in ONE sitting!

Glad you met the boyfriend. :)

Terri said...

Okay I think I approve of the boyfriend! I am also glad you fell off the wagon so I know you are human! (Ha Ha) I wish I had seen you while you were here so i could appreciate your hard work on your healthy eating plan!

MissKris said...

I'm glad you had fun! It sure was fun for me to have you up here!!! :)

The Crazy Coxes said...

I loved reading this post because I am on the "other" side. As the mom of college boys - one RM and one getting ready to go, it's hard for me to imagine anyone being quite "good enough" for my babies.

Who can pass up a BYU Mint Brownie?

The Crazy Coxes said...

PS - You WILL get in trouble for your post! You will get introuble for even mentioning "boyfriend." I'm just sayin!

Handsfullmom said...

Thanks for the smile -- he sounds like a nice guy. And if there is ever more to the relationship, I would love to gift you an engagement shoot.

rad6 said...

ok, you big tease... where are the pictures of the boyfriend?? haha...
You are such a cute mom. Love reading all the emotions. You are good at sharing, I can feel it when I read. My oldest graduating in two months then off to BYU-I, and I am kinda feeling some of the weirdness... just a little though. :)
Love your mom thoughts!
Have a great weekend

Kristin Klein said...

Love the boyfriend story - hee hee:) Yes, those BYU brownies ARE dangerous! No one can eat just one!