Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Letters to Lisa--or the random happenings of my life

I haven't written on my blog very much lately. I think perhaps it is because when you only write once a week or less, you feel what you say has to be profound, and absent a profound thought, you just don't write.

But I was sending an email to my friend Lisa, and noticed how easily words come when I am writing her. They still lack profundity, but at least they come easily. :-) So I decided to just post a few of the things I write her. . . .

In a desperate measure to find clothes that fit, (I am going on a trip in a few weeks and need some clothes for it) I went shopping at the mall today--something I usually try to avoid, especially during spring break. That is when I discovered that men's shirts are much cuter than women's. I was in the ladies section at Penney's and everything was black, tan and white. I went to the men's and they had all these purple and pink shirts. Seriously. What is happening in our culture when men's clothes are cuter than the women's?!! Although, now I am thinking about going back and buying a couple of those shirts. Really.

I also learned today that I am addicted to sugar and cinnamon coated almonds. I received a package of them as a gift. I was going to save them for an upcoming trip, but instead made the mistake of opening the package for just a taste. Now I have to hide them at the top and back of my cupboard so I won't eat them all. But I realized there "ain't no mountain high enough, ain't no river wide enough"--to keep me from eating them. I am as bad as Wes with potato chips.

But the biggest event of my day today is that my mother had a surgical procedure this morning. It is just one more medical treatment in a long line of treatments that she is supposed to have regularly. But the last time it was done, she was in so much pain afterward, she did not want to do it again. However, she finally gave in and scheduled it.

I was so worried about her that I didn't sleep much last night and stayed by my phone all morning until my father called me with the news that all was well. I am so amazed at my mother. I had a stiff neck for a couple days and was ready to call it a good life and move on to the next, rather than continue with my suffering. :-) And yet my mother suffers greatly every single day and manages to still have a good attitude about life. I honestly do not know how she does it. She is truly amazing. But I really hope my future does not hold the same kind of physical suffering she has had to experience. Although with the way my hips hurt all the time, I am afraid it does. . . . Ahhh aging. As they say, "It isn't for sissies."

Lastly--it appears the sister missionaries are going to move into our house. I was talking with them a few weeks ago when it occurred to me that we have all this empty space in our basement and since neither of my college daughters are planning on coming home this summer, the house will stay empty. So, why not fill it up with missionaries, right? :-) I am very excited about it actually.

So that is the latest from our house . . . not overly exciting, and certainly not profound, but just enough good to bring . . . joy to our journey.


Shannon said...

I love reading about random happenings. Thanks for sharing.

I never buy potato chips because they have about a 15 second shelf life at our house- and not just because of the husband and children. Hope you eventually got your hug!

Glad all was well with your mom and that she recovers quickly. She sounds like a great lady with great kids.

Momza said...

great post! You have a nice easy writing style and I enjoy it always!
I hope your mother has a quick recovery.
And how cool it is to have sisters living with you?!! I'd love that!

DianeSS said...

I feel the same way as you sometimes about my blog, that I have to have something meaningful to say to write at all, but your random thoughts are interesting too and give us a glimpse into who you are. So thanks for that post!

Sue said...

How wonderful to have the sister missionaries living in your house!


Neil and Meredith Larson said...

I think Uncle Wes would look smokin' clad in some pink and purple threads

Kristin said...

Love your rambling ways . . . I could easily be addicted to the almonds also - but anything with mint and chocolate does me in, or peanut butter and chocolate, or just chocolate . . .

Hurray - missionaries in the home - would be wonderful!