Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I'm Done!!

I am not done in the sense that I have completed anything, I am done in the sense that I quit.

Or at least I would like to. Just for a day or two. I actually love doing weddings, but I have to admit I am starting to get very stressed over this. And my house is a mess. The dining room table is so covered in flowers, ribbons, organza and satin, that it has spilled over on to the floor and it is now hard to tell where the one ends and the other begins.

And I am very tired. Bone tired. The kind of tired that makes your body ache, your eyes burn and your muscles rebel at every movement. But . . .

Only three and a half more weeks!!

And things are moving along well. Kristen got the invitations all out this past week and they are DARLING!! Here are a couple pictures from them.

Thanks so much to Christina at Hands Full Mom for taking the very cute pictures!! She did a great job and we love them all!! In fact, Kristen loved them so much she used several on her announcement. Thanks to Craig Steed for designing and printing the announcements. We appreciate you both!!


In news outside the wedding . . . (yes, there is life outside of it)

Last week was girl's camp and my husband and I went up for a day. That was so much fun. I loved seeing all my friends who were there as cabin moms and really enjoyed visiting with the girls. And we were particularly glad they caught the two bears who had been sneaking around and relocated them before our arrival!!

In the evening there was a program where all the bishops told how they met and proposed to their wife. It was so cute. One man met his wife when he attended a seminary graduation program for his friend's younger sister. His future wife was also graduating that night. Another met his wife at a 9th grade dance--and she was several inches taller than he was. One met his wife in Boston while they were both attending graduate school and another carried a ring around in his pocket for two months before he worked up the courage to propose.

One of my favorite stories is about my friend Jenny. She set up a lemonade stand outside the boys apartments on the day most of the boys were moving in at the beginning of the school year. Her future husband bought a lot of lemonade that day.

My other favorite story came from a man who is a dentist. After dating his wife seriously for about six months, she was sure he was going to give her a ring for Christmas, but instead his "special gift" for her, was to pay for her to get a tooth fixed!! It was another six months before he got around to actually proposing. Apparently he was waiting for "Memorial Day".

That kind of hesitancy on the part of men, is why I just told Wes I wanted to get married after dating for two weeks. He agreed and we moved forward from there. :-) Easy.

So my daughter Michelle was up at camp as a second year youth camp leader (YCL). She LOVES camp and will make a great young women leader someday. She is totally cute with the girls, lots of fun, and totally crazy.

So crazy that apparently there were several people who were shocked to learn she was our daughter. I guess they didn't think Wes and I could possibly have a daughter who was so much fun. Presumably because they don't think we are fun.

Seriously?!! We are fun people! We really are. I promise!


Rebecca Irvine said...

Love the pictures - especially because they dressed nice. Far too often do I see engagement photos of young couples wearing ratty jeans and flip flops.

Hang in there! Three and a half weeks will fly by.

Be Thou Humble said...

The announcement was waiting for me when I got back from camp---Loved it! What a beautiful couple! Also LOVED Michelle! She is a wonderful young woman and I didn't doubt her parentage even for a minute! Best of luck with the wedding. I'm sure it will be beautiful. We will miss all these July weddings as we will be taking our annual vacation in Utah. I probably should have done something to speed up the process but that dentist sure has been worth waiting for! Fun to see you at camp!

Dixie Mom said...

It looks like the wedding will be awesome! Your hard work will pay off!

DianeSS said...

Best of luck with the wedding preparations. I am sure it will be a beautiful wedding!
I love YW's Camp too! In addition to early morning seminary teacher, I am also our ward camp leader and I am looking forward to a fun Stake camp with our young women this year.

Julie said...

Those "how we met" stories are priceless, and your couple is absolutely beautiful. Exciting, yet stressful time. I know. Enjoy!

MissKris said...

I think you're fun :)
I'm sorry you're so stressed! I'm glad I'll be back this weekend to help!

Handsfullmom said...

When I reach my limit, I always tell my husband, "I'm done! I just can't do it anymore." He just says, "You can't be done, you're the mom!"

Hang in there -- I'm sure it will be wonderful!

Cherie said...

The pictures are fantastic - they are a beautiful couple!! Thanks for posting a few of them.
The scene you describe on your dining room table sounds all too familiar - I am with you sending you vibes of goodness and strength - YOU CAN DO IT!!

Girl's camp = The BEST!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE girls camp!! Those stories are great and I bet all the girls got a kick out of them!

Connie said...

I'm so glad to know that I'm NOT the only one planning a wedding and wondering how it's all going to come together!
Really cute pictures.

Girls camp is so much fun, especially when you can go up for an evening then go back home. Sounds like your daughter is a blast!

Sue said...

The pics are great!

And yes, weddings are wearying...but of course, worth it all n the end.

As for girl's camp. I've always loved it!


LeAnn said...

I can so relate to how tired you are. We once had to two of our children's weddings about a month apart. We had them in our back yard; so my husband ended up with the heavy work.
The pictures were lovely. I always loved to hear about how different couples met and got engaged. These were some fun stories and I really liked yours.
Thanks for the smiles!

The Crazy Coxes said...

Those pictures are so cute! I am sure the wedding and reception will be beautiful! Good luck getting through the next 3 1/2 weeks!

Xazmin said...

I believe in your FUNness! Reading about your time at camp made me miss Young Women's. I truly love the Primary, but I will always have a special place in my heart for the young women.

Love the engagement pictures - so adorable!

And I'm sorry you are having so much stress - I hope it all goes over perfectly!

Momza said...

The photos turned out beautifully.
I went to Girls' Camp up at Camp LoMia in Pinetop, AZ. It was so fun. My girls kept me busy and mostly tired, but I loved it!

Kristin said...

Heeheehee - Love your story and am impressed by your boldness after two weeks - way to go! Apparently it worked great for you all :) Some of those men just beat around the bush for WAY to long . . .

ps - you had me totally laughing out loud with the stories :)