Saturday, July 9, 2011

Change is in the air!

I have a new church calling!

I was recently asked to serve as the First Counselor in the YW Presidency in our ward.
In other words, I will be working with the 14 and 15 year old girls in our church.

I am very excited about this, although I will severely miss my Sunday School class of 16-18 year olds.

However the timing on this new assignment is a bit of a challenge.
True, with the ever present, all consuming wedding just a week away, starting something new is a bit difficult.
that isn't the hardest part.
What makes it harder is the Young Women's president, the Laurel advisor, and the Mia-Maid advisor are all out of town!


So what that means is that we are combining with the 16-17 year old girls for all the Sunday instruction and Wednesday night activities
I am pretty much alone to muddle through and try to figure it all out.
And tomorrow I am supposed to teach both Sunday School and YW!


The good news is I LOVE the youth!!
And I am so excited to be working with the young girls in our ward.

Just pray for me to get through this week!

Quotable Quotes: (Overheard at the grocery store) "Be young for as long as you can, because once you are old, you are old forever."


Shannon said...

You will be amazing. The girls and leaders are lucky to have you. Just go with the flow tomorrow and try to enjoy your day. Muddling is fine. Better yet, let the girls conduct and run the show- they know how it's supposed to run- and you just worry about the lesson. Good luck!!

Sue said...

I love YW callings, but you are definitely getting the trial by fire!

I'm rooting for you...

(and sending prayers, too)


Lisa @ Pulsipher Page said...

Hooray! I work with the Mia Maids too!

Connie said...

I loved my calling in YW. You're going to love it too, once you get through this week and month!

Good luck with the wedding.

Saw your previous post about the Haboob! That is so eerie! My MIL called to tell us about it. She said the dirt was THICK in her house and in the yard!

Sandra said...

Congratulations on your new calling. YW is a favorite of mine, but A LOT of work. I'm going to assume you survived Sunday...)(what a day for you), and you're now enjoying a wedding.

Have a great day.

LeAnn said...

Wow, what a wonderful fun time you are going to have. I love the young women and enjoyed my opportunity to serve there. I think there is this saying fun comes in mulitples; which is what is happening to you for the month.
You can do it!
Yes, your quote is true.
Blessings to you!