Thursday, October 13, 2011

Slithering Serpents! Oh my!

In the past couple weeks we have found four snakes in our house. Make that FOUR snakes!! They are little and harmless, but did I mention they are SNAKES!!

I hate snakes. With. A. Passion.

When I saw the first one, the sister missionaries were standing behind me (they live with us). I looked at them hoping one would step up and volunteer to be the murderer, but they both backed away. So I took a broom and said, "Don't worry sisters! I will protect you!" Then I beat the thing to death, while my ferocious guard dog hid behind the sister's legs.

A few days later, Michelle and I saw another snake in the exact same place!! A resurrection? I think not. We decided it was best not to tell the sisters. But then they came and told me they had killed a snake earlier that day.

So it was time to turn to the man of the house for protection. And he said, "Oh, I found one too. It was upstairs." Upstairs!! That is where I sleep!

Not a good thing to hear. Especially since the other three were all found downstairs by the back door. So if his snake entered the same way, it had to cross the entire house and climb the stairs.

How many more are in here?

I am pretty sure this qualifies as a plague.

I told my husband that he was the man of the house, that he needed to step up and kill these snakes for me. But he was not nearly as concerned as I was. He didn't see why I was upset over a few snakes and didn't think there was anything he could do about it.

So I called my neighbor. He is coming over on Monday to set some sticky traps.

And hopefully we will soon have an end to our slithering serpent plague!


Cherie said...

I cannot handle snakes - I do not even think I could kill one so I am thinking that you are pretty courageous!!
4 snakes in the house - that really is alot. I hope if there are more your neighbor is able to get rid of them!

I'll keep my big spiders thank you very much!! :-D

Cherie said...

Oooohhhhh just still thinking about it gives me the shivery shakes. Ick

Connie said...

The picture of that snake makes me cringe. I hope you can get some snake busters over to your house to do the job!
We had a rental house with a rock foundation. There were snakes slithering in and out of the foundation. My husband ran to get a shovel. By the time he came back to take care of the serpents, I had thrown them all over the fence and in to the field next to us. Don't ask me why I did that. I must have been on drugs! :)

Good luck!

Sue said...

Yikes. This would not make me happy.


Julie said...

FOUR snakes?! ONE snake in my house would be my worst nightmare. Oh my! You are one brave woman. Here's hoping you have seen the last of them.

Momza said...

Snakes freak my guts out. In the house? I'd die of a heart attack if I found one in the house. ACK!!
Hope your neighbor sets good traps!!

Terri said...

What kind of snakes? What do they want in your house? That freaks me out. I might go get a few cats, do they chase snakes? how about monkeys?

LeAnn said...

Oh my gosh; that is scary! I would probably have a heart attack if I found a snake in my house. I do hope you are successful in getting rid of them. The last snake we had was one our son dragged home from an empty lot years ago and I was totally freaked out.
I have met a black widow eye to eye and I screamed so loud it disappeared and we hope we finally found the nest.
Blessings to you and I guess don't enjoy any moments like this one.

Kristin said...

OH my goodness - I would be seriously freaking out by this point . . . I'm not particularly afraid of snakes when encountered in the wild where they belong! Unless they are the poisonous type - which I do worry about since they frequent the trails and mountains around my home . . . but to have them just outside the house would freak me out pretty much - yep!


Unknown said...

I heard about the first one but I don't know why I didn't hear about the others! Oh my goodness. I would have takent that as a sign that I should move. Snakes are so groww. First they are downstairs, then upstairs, next step- your bed. Gross. I would make sure they didn't lay any eggs...

Unknown said...

I don't know why my last common was left as "unknown" but this is Kristen

Da Bergs said...

Oh my gosh, you are NOT kidding!!!! What kind of snakes are they??!!! I can't believe you were able to beat one to death, that was lucky! YIKES!

Da Bergs said...

Do you live in the country? Well, if you lived closer, my son, the herper would LOVE to come take care of them.... how close to SLC are you? haha