Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Random Ramblings of My Life . . . or Congratulations, Yikes! And How Am I Going to Do That?

Truthfully, I should be cleaning. Or at least I should be finishing the cleaning job I started about an hour ago. But here is a confession. I am an 80 percent-er. I will give my very best effort until a job is about 80% done and then I totally lose interest and wander away, quit, take a nap, or, in this case, write a blog post.  I am afraid if I don't change I am destined for the terrestrial kingdom.

But . . .  so many things to write about. . . . For example, take my son Ryan. He will officially graduate from ASU Thursday--with honors!! He isn't walking though due to the fact that he is already working full-time, but this is a huge accomplishment for him and we are SUPER proud of all he has done.

(He is the big one:-) I LOVE this picture of Ryan and his first son, Enoch. It just warms my heart.

And see these girls?! They are my babies. 
The one on the right is going to graduate from high school in about three weeks. She will then go to work for her father full-time and leave me home alone to do all the packing and cleaning. 
But I am not bitter . . . :-)

And see the one on the left . . . Well, she is going on a mission!!  
She is still waiting to meet with the stake president, but her papers are in to the bishop. We are so excited for her. That means there will be three of us in the family serving full-time missions at the same time. But it also means that by the time she gets her call, I will have about three weeks to move out of my house, help Kristen with her twins, buy everything Michelle needs for college, and get Kathryn all ready for her mission.

And considering I am an 80 percent-er, it also means that after about 2 1/2 weeks I will be ready to run away to oh, I don't know . . . maybe Mexico. :-)

Okay, time to get back to work. There are still closets that need cleaning, drawers that need sorting, dishes that need packing . . . 


Lisa @ Pulsipher Page said...

You can do hard things! I have complete faith in you. Exciting about your children. Graduations, missions, college, twins...it all sounds fabulous! Congratulations to your family!

Shannon said...

At least you're not bored! Good luck! What an exciting time!

Momza said...

This just made me smile, Lori! You are Awesome! So busy doing good things, as usual. Congratulations to your whole family!

Sue said...

Wow, lots of exciting things going on in your life! Congrats to all of you!!


LeAnn said...

I would say you are amazing. I am just marveling at all that you are doing as you prepare for your mission. It is so exciting that your daughter is going on a mission too. I would say that you have accomplished already way beyond 80%. Blessings to you!

Da Bergs said...

I am an 80% too! Are we ADD? lol... I am So jealous, I wanna do a mission!!! Hopefully one day!!! (Do you already speak Spanish??)

GoodsonFL@aol.com said...

What wonderful things are in store for your family! I know we've emailed back and forth but I can't find your email address. So, I'll post this here if you don't mind. I'm in a contest sponsored by Deseret Book. My video is called No Shampoo for You. You can vote by clicking the orange thumbs up. Thanks so much! Lisa, goodsonfl@gmail.com

Kristin said...

Thanks for stopping by! I think of you all the time with your preparations for your new adventure! What an amazing service you are embarking upon! I bet the next three years will fly by! Best wishes for all - and you never know . . . we may meet someday in Mexico!!



rad6 said...

I am exactly like that too, what is wrong with us... maybe it is natural and we have to overcome that natural 80 percent woman!
You have so much going on in your life... all great theings, but nevertheless, it is a LOT!
Try to enjoy.
And before you know it you will be wrapped up in a whole different kind of busy! Wow.

Marilyn said...

You are speaking to the champion 80 percenter here! It's been nearly a month since you wrote this so I'm hoping that you are doing okay preparing for your mission. I am SO happy for you! I hope that you have time to keep up the blogging while you are gone. I wanted to be sure to tell you that I will try to contact you through the blog because I have a sister in the branch whose entire family lives in Guadalajara and I would love to get you their names and addresses for the missionaries. She just got home from a visit there and told me how she talked to her family about the Church. Good luck with everything!!

Kristin said...

Loved your most recent post . . . you and I have a lot in common . . . and in fact, you're making me tear up just a bit reading your about all the amazing things going on right now.