Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Carly's Very Fun Trip to the Outrageously Priced Zoo

This past week our grandbaby came from Colorado for a visit. Her mother, (our daughter Camille) came too, but let's be honest, the real excitement was getting to spend time with Carly, and for her aunts to see her for the very first time.

Although she is only three months old, since our time with her is so rare, we wanted it to be memorable. So, Grandpa donned his real life Crocodile Dundee hat--complete with real crocodile teeth--and headed to the outback for a dangerous animal adventure!

Okay, so it was only the Wildlife Zoo in Surprise, AZ, but at $26.00 a person (when did zoo prices become so exorbitant?!!) it would definitely be memorable!

Carly looked intently at the miniature deer.

She admired the rare (and rather lazy) white tiger.

She peered at the tired tortoise.

And got rather up close and personal with a curious giraffe.

Going to the zoo with Grandpa was sooo much fun!

And so exhausting! After about an hour she was done. So we got her out of the stoller and gave her a hug (how could you NOT want to hug this very sweet thing!) and took her home to bed.

I know she won't remember a thing about her big day in the wild, but that is what online books are for! :-) I am going to compile a book with all the pictures of the animals along with these pictures of Carly, and for years to come she can read about her first trip to the zoo!
And for those of you who read my last post . . . No sooner had I published it when I received an email from the ward music chairman (my good friend) asking me to sing in a ladies double quartet on Easter Sunday. And my response??? Was I brave and willing to do something new? Did I follow my own challenge and say, "Yes, although I can't sing at all, I am refusing to limit myself by my fears, and I will be there to do it?" NO! I wrote back and said, "Ha Ha. You know I can't sing, [therefore] I won't be doing it. " So I have thought about this. Am I just being a coward? Perhaps. Am I being hypocritical? Maybe. BUT I REALLY, REALLY CAN'T SING! I would sound like the croaking frog in the pond of melodic voices.
So apparently change comes slowly. I will try to do better, I just don't think I am ready to have my first time to venture out of my comfort zone and overcome self-imposed curses, be a public event. :-)


gramee said...

oh...$26.00..we have been planning on taking the grandkids. {it is just down the road from us.}
i can tell you we will not be going any time soon!!
actually the grandkids have been before.. so we don't need to take them!
about the signing..
i used to sing ..until i lost my hearing.. now i would never sing in anything less than a congregation!!
you said she did know you didn't sing before she asked you?? and she still asked you?..i don't know maybe you should have!! LOL

Heidi Ashworth said...

She clearly had a great time and Grandpa had an even better one! (sing in the choir! It won't hurt anyone.)

Jenny said...

Ooh that stinky comfort zone

Lisa said...

What a face!!! I love the last two pictures. She's a beauty!

I could never sing in church- I'm with you on baby steps.

Christina said...

What great grandparents you are! Just give her six months or so and then she'll really appreciate it. She's adorable, by the way.

Neil and Meredith Larson said...

That giraffe picture is amazing and I love how Uncle Wes had to hold Carly up to see all the animals!

Carolyn said...

It's ok. I can't sing either!

Becky said...

That is a pricey zoo... but a day with your granddaughter, priceless! The book should be cute, too. Was grandpa's arm tired of holding her out to see so many animals?

Dave and Camille said...

Wow, whoever uploaded all of your pictures must be a pro :) Those were too cute... I didn't realize Dad had done that almost every time, too funny! And, while I know you don't believe it, you actually have a great singing voice (I would know, I sat next to you in church for 18 years) and think you should have said yes. I've always been jealous of your ability to harmonize... I can't even find the right note, let alone harmonize with it!

Brooke G said...

I am assuming it was an april fool's joke - about the singing!! I would think so if someone asked ME to sing!
You have a beautiful grandbaby! And get right on that memorable book about her first trip to the zoo, but don't forget, anything you do for this baby, you have to do for the rest of them!!!!

Tanielle said...

What a fun trip!!! That baby is too cute! Wow though expensive zoo!!:-)

Have a great day!


M said...

I love those pictures! my neice is so stinkin cute!!

Rhonda said...

...I don't know, 26.00 for a ticket to also see that someone else finds those "Crocodile Dundee" hats fashionable, may very well be worth it to me.

I definitely will have to come see you next time I am in Arizona.

JUST ME, THE MOM said...

What fun photos - my favorite is of Grandpa and the baby, just the two of them. Way too precious. What a lucky Grandmama you are!