Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Miracles and the Faith of a Child

This is my favorite story about Camille.

Soon after her sixth birthday, my husband left town to attend his aunt's funeral. He took our four year old son, Ryan with him, leaving Camille, myself and my one year old daughter, Kristen home alone over night.

The night he left, a storm swept into Phoenix, leaving the weather hot and muggy, and our home without electricity. After sitting in darkness for close to an hour, Camille suggested we pray and ask Heavenly Father to turn the power back on. We had already reported the power outage to the electric company and I was sure they were working as quickly as they could to restore power, but not wanting to discourage the faith of my young, sweet daughter, I agreed.

So we knelt in prayer and I prayed for the electricity to come back on so we wouldn't have to be so hot and would have light to see.

Nothing happened.

After sitting in darkness for an additional ten minutes or so, Camille said to me, "I guess I am going to have to do this myself." She then went into a corner of our family room, knelt and offered a silent prayer.

Immediately upon standing, our home lit up with lights. Camille, looked at me with a rather disgusted look and said, "Now, that's better!"

Oh, how humbling that moment was!!! Never again would I doubt the faith of a child.


Carolyn said...

What a touching story. Many days I am amazed by the simple faith of my children.

Chelsea said...

What a sweet story. It is amazing how much faith a child can have, don't you think. And then we get older and begin to doubt and question. Too bad for that.

Christina said...

Now THAT's the kind of faith I want!

Momza said...

Oh I love it! Wow. I need that kind of faith.