Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Just another one of life's blessings. . .

Last week my daughter told me she was going to the school dance recital to support a friend of hers who was dancing in it. I remembered that one of my Sunday School girls was also in the recital, along with her younger sister who had been in my seminary class, so I asked my daughter if she would mind if I went with her. She told me she would love to have me go--and not just because she knew I would pay the $5 entrance fee. :-)

I appreciated that. I knew that when I was a junior in high school I would have preferred death over attending a school activity with my mom. I mean I love my mother but going to school with her did not register at all on the "cool scale".

But my daughter and I went together and she even sat next to me instead of with her two very good boy friends who sat in front of us. And I wondered a bit if she were just a little uncomfortable with having her mother there with her.

Then I looked around. Also in the room was our ward Young Women's president who came to support the girls. And across the room sat their seminary teacher. I realized that my daughter probably didn't care I was there at all. She was used to having supportive adults at school activities!

My heart swelled with love. Not just for my daughter, nor just for the girls I came to support, but also for their wonderful leaders who gave up their busy time to be there as well.

And I thought of the words, "their hearts were knit together in love".

How grateful I am for a daughter who doesn't mind going to school with her mother. And how thankful I am for church callings that give us the opportunity to serve each other and thereby come to love and support each other.


Corine said...

THAT is an awesome story! The gospel REALLY affects our day to day living... We are so totally blessed!

rad6 said...

awesome reminder!
I love going to all the kids' stuff... best part of being a seminary teacher. :)
Getting invited to everything!
Awesome that you went!

Sue said...

It's wonderful, isn't it? I love when parents and leaders are there supporting the youth, especially in non-church-related activities!


Emma T said...

I am pretty sure I would not have wanted to go to a school activity with my mother either!! I think things are different now. Adults are more supportive than they were in my day. How nice there were so many supporting the recital you went to.

justmeagain said...

You are lucky! I don't think my daughter would have wanted me to go with her. Or I could go, but she wouldn't have wanted me to sit by her. She would have hated that. Being able to go and sit by your daughter truly is a blessing.