Thursday, August 25, 2011

Meeting Mania

For twelve years I worked in seminary, where, although it is a ton of work, most of the meetings I had to attend occurred between 6:00-7:30 in the morning. The rest of the day I could choose how to spend my time.

Then I was called to be the ward activities chairman. With that calling I attended the ward council once a month, but all other meetings (which were rare) were at my discretion.

Next I was called to be a Sunday School teacher. Okay, let's admit it. This is the easiest calling in the church. You prepare your lesson during your daily scripture study, so it requires no additional time at all and other than teaching your class, there are no more meetings to attend.

So yes, I have been spoiled. Totally. I know that. But still, imagine my shock when I was recently called to be the first counselor in our ward young women's organization.


There is presidency meeting, board meeting, meeting with a member of the bishopric, then there is mutual every week (along with the Sunday meeting) stake training meetings, firesides, more training (three times before the end of the year) youth baptisms, a youth conference, a Saturday fall activity, class presidency meetings . . . . In just nine days I will have attended SEVEN meetings!!

Truth be told, there have been times when I thought my husband was slacking on his church job by not attending a meeting or activity that I thought he should be at. Now I just look at Wes in wonder and ask, "How do you do it? How do you attend all your meetings every week and stay sane?"

I have new appreciation for everyone out there who has a church calling that requires a lot of meeting time!! You are truly amazing!!

And now when I head off to yet another meeting, Wes just looks at me and smiles.


Terri said...

you are so right! I am glad you don't like meetings. My husband never met a meeting he didn't like. (I spent many years in YW so I know what you mean.) I am kind of thinking I feel sorry for the Elders, /district meeting/zone training/zone conference/zone this and that....district this and that.....I have serious "bun-itis" and I only go to half of those.

Emma T said...

The price for service in the church, I suppose. But I hear ya, I am not that excited about all the meetings I have to go to either. But I am jealous you got to have so many years without very many of them!

justmeagain said...

How fun you get to work in YW!! That has always been my favorite calling. And don't worry. Pretty soon you will get used to the meetings. In the meantime just be glad you aren't the president! :-)

Sue said...

YW does have a lot of meetings, but we had a great group, which made them fun!

I agree, though, it's hard to adjust when you've had one of the less demanding callings for awhile.


Joy For Your Journey said...

Teaching seminary isn't exactly a less demanding calling. But I know---I sound like a whiner. I really am not opposed to meetings, I just like them to be productive. I think some could be eliminated or shortened. And I have gotten used to having free time on Saturdays. Now in the next couple months about half of those are going to be tied up in activities--and that is definitely going to take some getting used to! :-)

Cherie said...

Yes I think YW and YM have just about as many meetings as the Bishopric - Ha Ha.
There are so many.

I am in Primary and it has no meetings either - I am enjoying being a little bit spoiled :-D

LeAnn said...

YW's was one of my favorite callings but it is very busy. I too taught seminary and that was one of my very favorites. I don't mind attending the meetings that are required for my calling if they are purposeful. I don't like it when a meeting is held just because it is suppose to be held. Anyway, enjoy your moment in the YW's and all those meetings.
Blessings to you!