Saturday, August 6, 2011

Still Waiting For The Baby . . .

They say a watched pot never boils . . . and apparently a watched tummy doesn't contract. At least in labor.

We have tried every idea to start labor we know of, and walked all over Hobby Lobby (twice) Walmart (twice) Ikea (once, but it is a HUGE store!) Target, and out on the street. We have eaten Indian Food (just gave her indigestion, but no labor) Italian and Mexican.

We have grocery shopped for two weeks worth of food, cleaned the house and done the laundry.

And I finished reading my book.

So there isn't a lot left to do but sit and wait and wait and wait . . .

She is having a lot of contractions and they are fairly regular . . . until she lies down. And then it comes to a complete stop.

I was supposed to go home on Thursday but I changed my flight to Saturday, and then I have to go home baby or no baby. But not getting to hold this little boy and spend time helping Camille would really make me sad.

I have said more prayers than I can count and tomorrow is fast Sunday so you can just imagine what I will be fasting for. I sure hope and pray this baby comes soon, and both mother and baby are healthy and strong.

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