Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Adventures in Babysitting . . .

So today I redeemed myself in the "grandma" department.

Last week I went over early in the morning to help K with her kids. Little twin boys were just added to her family, giving her six children in all. But I was not much help in the end. K had been up all night and was exhausted. All she really wanted was a shower (by herself) and a short nap. Not too much to ask, right?

One of the babies was totally zonked, but the other was fussy, so I told her I would take the fussy one out into the family room with me, along with Karly (who is two) and watch them while she slept. I got the baby quieted, and entertained Karly blowing bubbles for . . . oh all of maybe ten minutes . . . when the baby started to cry. Loudly.

I hurried to pick him up before K heard, but in that one moment of not having my undivided attention, Karly made a run for her mom's bedroom door. I ran after her (which the baby did not like:-) grabbing her arm just before she reached out for the doorknob. And so she let out a scream--which startled the baby and got him screaming. She was fighting to get away from me and I couldn't hold her with one hand, so I let go to put the baby down and she immediately started kicking the bedroom door--while continuing her screaming.

So basically within ten minutes I had both kids crying, one of which was throwing a temper tantrum.

K never got her nap. She didn't even get her private shower. The only way we could get Karly quieted down after that was for K to take her into the bathroom with her. And then she spent the rest of the morning giving me suspicious looks while clinging to her mother. Oh, and the baby? Well, I tried to calm him down and he peed all over the front of my shirt.

BUT . . . today was much better. I just went over in the afternoon when Karly was taking her nap, to watch the babies while K slept as well. It was total bliss. One baby slept the entire time but the other was a little fussy so I got to hold him. I loved it!! It helped me not miss my own little new grandbaby so much.
IN OTHER NEWS . . . Kathryn is on her way home tonight. She is driving through the night to get here and she is bringing a boy. (Just a friend) He has some business in Mesa so Kathryn thought it would be fun to drive down with him. Oh yea. I am having fun all right. I will be up all night worrying about her!
And I loved this . . . As many of you know, my sister is serving a mission in Uganda. She recently visited a school where the boys who lived there all called her "mama" --a term of respect. I love that a name for "mother" is a respected name. It should be of course, but there are those in power who are lobbying to remove the word "mother" from legal documents saying it is demeaning to women. Say what????

May I go on record now by saying that the best, most honorable, and elevating thing I have ever done is be a mother to five children. I love the title and I wear it proudly!
And lastly----I find it interesting--but also a bit odd-- that the majority of the people who get on my blog are looking for a picture of a cougar. And they are from all over the world. What is up with that? But I am thinking of posting a picture of an elephant or a giraffe next and see how many hit that gets. :-)


Shannon said...

I love holding babies. I think I'm horribly out of practice with small children, though. I've been subbing in Primary and, while it's fun, I find myself digging deep to remember what it was I used to do when my kiddos were that small. How did I grow out of that stage and not even notice?!

Just for your records- I have never gone to your blog while looking for a picture of a cougar- in case you were wondering!

Have a fun visit with your daughter!

Dave and Camille said...

I'm glad your babysitting adventures were better yesterday and that K got to sleep. Woohoo for her! And for you of course too. We're excited to see you next week! :)

LeAnn said...

I smiled on this one. I can relate to the first try at helping; I can remember a similiar moments when I have gone to help one of my daughters with a new baby.
Babies are so very precious and fun to hold. I remember that my mother came to help me with my #6 baby. At the end of the week; she told me that this was the last time she could help with a new baby. She was just getting to old. I am at that stage now.
Blessings to you for a great post!

Cherie said...

Well you do cheer for BYU right!!! :-D (Cougar?? - ha ha)

You definately are having adventures in babysitting. It made me smile to read about it. It has always amazed me that people so small could keep someone so busy.
I agree with the title of MOTHER - it is the best one I will ever have and I am looking forward someday to adding "Grand" to it.

Rebecca Irvine said...

Are you sure it's not because you are a cougar? Just kidding! There is nothing better than being a mom (most of the time).

Kristin said...

Wow - that is adventurous babysitting, what a lucky little mother she is to have you come provide some relief!

Enjoy it all!


MissKris said...

You are so great to baby-sit so much! And I couldn't believe that people are lobbying against the term mother. Wow. Thanks for writing! :) Always fun to read :)

Sue said...

Hey, it's the though that counts, right?