Monday, September 26, 2011

Fun Times and Tales From Uganda

Aren't these women beautiful?!!

All of these women have husbands who are either bishops or in the stake presidency in our area.
One of the highlights of my life is being able to spend a few hours with them every year having lunch and studying the gospel.

We met together a couple weeks ago and had wonderful time.
I always feel so strengthened after being with them.
They are women of honor, virtue and sacrifice.
And between them they have 44 children, which includes a set of triplets!
What a blessing it is for me to know them.

And speaking of wonderful women . . . I have loved reading the emails from my sister who is serving a mission with her husband in Uganda. Below is an excerpt from her most recent letter home.

Last week we lost another baby, the BP [Branch President] of Njeru's wife delivered a full-term still-born. Beautiful little girl which she was looking forward to after having two boys. They are devastated. The medical people I talked to believe it is a combination of the prevalence of Malaria, which the mother had when she delivered, or maybe just poor pre-natal care. It could just be poor nutrition which I think everyone suffers from. I had a misconception before I came here that people who live with a high mortality rate are used to it and don't suffer as much with death. That is completely wrong thinking, I have seen people devastated by the loved ones they lose. Just because it happens more often doesn't make it easier.

I also have learned that living on $70/mo is as hard here as it would be for us in the USA. You beg, steal, or dig up roots to stay alive. Nothing is cheaper here except what you can grow on your own. You make a hut with cow manure and dirt. (Same as we would do if we couldn't just move in with one of our kids.)ha ha

I spent some time Saturday making posters for the upcoming YSA dance for next week. I was one of 3 on the committee, but I was the only one that showed up. Then I entered all 600 names *(YES THERE REALLY ARE 600 YSA in Jinja District), into an excel spreadsheet and had a mass text sent out to them. Pres J wants them all married yesterday.

We also spent some time this week traveling to an area where someone told Pres J there were 27 members and no church. The roads were terrible, some members showed us around the area, and we saw some hospitals. Somehow we didn't feel it was ready to have missionaries come because of the roads. Travel here is dangerous and expensive, and our trip about killed our car. If we didn't have 4-wheel, we would still be in a ditch waiting for triple A - Ha Ha. not funny, but true.

To read more and see some great pictures, you can click on the link below to go to her blog at She has some great pictures of the area and of when a General Authority came to visit. What an amazing time they are having!


Connie said...

How wonderful to have a group of beautiful women to share time with.

The letter from Uganda is heart breaking and yet uplifting knowing that there are good people there to help.

Emma T said...

That is so cool about your sister being in Uganda. But what a sad story. I have to admit that I have also thought it would be easier for people who have a lot of death around them to lose someone. I guess instead they just suffer a lot.

LeAnn said...

That sounds like such a great group to have an activity with. I really enjoyed the post form your sister in Uganda and I will look forward to following her blog.
We are serving in our Inner City Mission but I realize that being in a 3rd world country you can see what real proverty is all about.I hate that thoughts of all the deaths they deal with. I know your sister and brother are doing a great work there.
Thanks for sharing and keep on enjoing the moments.

Sue said...

How sad to lose a baby, especially when it might have been avoided by better conditions. I really feel for them.

Can't believe how young those bishop's wives are. They look like a neat bunch of women!


Cherie said...

I wish the Bishops wives in our area got together like that - So neat!! Maybe I should get the ball rolling.

Oh, my heart went out to the woman who lost her baby. I had that same experience with my first - full term stillborn - they didn't know why it happened either and I live in the US and had the best of care. I think sometimes Heavenly Father just needs those little souls back but it doesn't make it any easier.

I loved hearing that there are 600 YSA and the Pres. wants them married yesterday - ha ha. Much work to be done in Africa - it is exciting to read about your sisters experiences!

Terri said...

Oh my gosh how did you get all the Bishop's wives to color coordinate for the picture? They are all beautiful. Where were you in the picture? Why don't you feature your picture in your blog as an exceptional woman?

Kristin said...

I can tell I'm looking at a wonderful group of inspiring women - there is nothing like the strength of the sisters for an instant pick me up! What blessings we enjoy here in this country -thanks for sharing the missionary update!