Friday, June 5, 2009

If I Were Ten Years Younger . . .

The main reason I started blogging (besides my husband encouraging me to do so) was so I could learn to always look for and find joy in the journey of life, rather than just dreading getting older. I think I have done pretty well, except the past few months I have had a few weepy moments when I would think about aging. I even caught myself thinking the other day how I wish I would wake up one morning ten years younger than the age I am going to be.

But then I started thinking of all the blessings I have received in my life the past ten years that I would not currently have—and might not ever have, if my wish were granted.

So . . . if I were ten years younger . . .

1. All my children would still be at home, but I also would not have a son-in-law, a daughter-in-law and a sweet little grandbaby—all of which bring me great joy.

2. With a the exception of family members and neighbors , most of the people I consider important in my life right now, have come into my life in the past ten years.

3. I would have missed out on nine years of being involved in the seminary program and all the associations I have made through seminary, as well as everything I have learned by studying the scriptures during that same time.

4. I would have yet to be a mother of a missionary.

5. I would not have the wonderful friendships I now enjoy with my adult aged children.

6. I would not have traveled to the Orient, Australia, Eastern Europe, Israel, Guatemala, the Mediterranean and Costa Rica.

7. I would still never know how very much fun mountain biking in Moab, Utah can be, what it is like to swim at the Great Barrier Reef, or rappel down waterfalls. And considering the current economy and the lack of construction in Phoenix (my husband’s source of employment) it is very unlikely we would have had the opportunity to do all those things in the next ten years.

8. I would have not yet gone back to school and therefore still would not have the appreciation I do for art, philosophy, biology, geography and literature.

9. I would have less patience, less charity, less compassion and be less forgiving of others.

10. I would be harder on myself, more worried about what others think, and more afraid to let others know who I really am.

And so for those reasons, and many more, I am grateful I am not ten years younger, since the past ten years have brought rich experiences, meaningful relationships and oh, so much . . . joy to my journey!

But now I am wondering . . . what fun adventures, challenges and blessings will the next ten bring??


Momza said...

Wisdom in those words there. Much like Esther, we were saved for such a time as this...a heart full of gratitude leaves little room for want.

Emma T said...

I love that saying from Momza--about a heart full of gratitude leaves little room for want. What a great thought! And I loved your post. I started thinking of all things I wouldn't have in my life if I were ten years younger and decided I like the age I am! Thanks for the reminder.

Becky said...

I would never want to go back 10 years because I would not want to relive all the difficult trials I experienced during that time period! The blessing I have received are great as well, but the thought of reliving the trials is the kicker for me.

justmeagain said...

I agree with both Momza and Becky. I think it is always great to keep our hearts filled with gratitude, but there are some experiences I have had in the past ten years, I am just very grateful to have behind me. Life can be tough sometimes, but that is part of the journey, I suppose. We learn and grow from all experiences, not just the good ones, so we should probably be grateful for both.

Christina said...

What a good perspective. I've not felt any regrets about aging yet and in fact sometimes think longingly of the days when I'm a little older, wiser, and have a little more freedom over my time. I know it's not all going to be hearts and flowers and sunshine then, but it gives me hope on my hardest days to think that someday I'll have the kids mostly raised and I'll be able to work on a project and actually complete it without interruptions and have more time for service outside my immediate family.

Shawn said...

Hey there! Just wanted to thank you for stopping over on my blog!

Your blog design is beautiful---and you seem like an amazing person----with SO many accomplishments!

Hope we can keep in touch!

Shannon said...

Excellent post. I stressed about turning 20, for some strange reason, but 30 was liberating and I'm looking forward to 40. Hope this day and every one for the next 10 years are amazing. Thanks for your thoughts.

GRAMEE said...

love this post.
and you observations about the past 10 years.
you were the one that made a big difference in my day when i turned 50, in fact i did some things i wouldn't have done without your kindness and wisdom.

i think you were out of town when i posted this!

i have been working on the list from president hunter since then..

i guess it is time for an update.

Donise Price said...

I am glad that you are finally getting the picture...the best is yet to come!

Lisa said...

I struggle with this- being a mom to a little one again- yeah, I feel really old sometimes. Wiser yes but my body is giving out on me and not bouncing back like the good ol days. I think it just means I need to take time out for me. Something I never did with my older kids.

Growing older...I think it stinks. No sugar coating from me.

JUST ME, THE MOM said...

A great message and thought . . . I would never want to miss out on any of the wonderful experiences of the last 10 years, I think it's difficult to age and see life's different seasons come and go (faster and faster:) but each new one brings unique challenges and even more wonderful blessings. I never could have predicted how much I would learn, grow, experience and appreciate. I feel so blessed. Thank you for sharing. Hugs across the miles! Thanks for letting me ponder . . .


Brooke G said...

That is really nice. I love how you put everything in perspective. I enjoyed catching up on your blog. You have so many great memories with your family! How blessed you are! And mostly because you realize what your blessings are and enjoy them!