Monday, August 3, 2009

Meet the Newest Member of our Family!

Well, we never really thought it would happen. I mean for 27 years Wes has insisted our house be a pet free zone. We never really understood why he was so opposed to furry creatures, probably some childhood trauma related to several of their dogs dying, but all conversations about pets always ended with him saying, "You know how I feel about this. I am not going to discuss it." He even insisted it was part of a prenuptial agreement that I have never actually seen and definitely never signed, but in addition to the no pet policy includes the right to lounge on the couch all of New Year's Day watching football games.

So when my son found a stray abandoned in the desert and said he was giving it to us, we didn't really expect Wes to agree. Ryan and Kali already had two dogs and their house couldn't hold a third so they were eager to find a home for their new puppy. (Ryan had previously rescued another dog he gave to his in laws so they weren't an option.) Yet, every time Ryan would mention bringing the dog to our home, Wes would emphatically say no.

Yet, here we are, the proud owners of a black dog named Lacy. We don't know what kind of a dog she is, but she is now ours--or more specifically, Michelle's--since Michelle has been given the responsibility to care for her.

Michelle is my fifth and last child and in a couple weeks will be our only child at home. For the next three years she gets her parent's undivided attention. (And she is so very much looking forward to it. :-) Apparently this, and the fact that Ryan just dropped Lacy off at the house and left while both Wes and I were gone, has led to her now being part of our family. Wes was not particularly happy about it, but after a small lecture on how he was not going to be the care giver, he has been very sweet and kind. And in fact he, Michelle, and Lacy can be seen walking together in the neighborhood early each morning.

And Michelle is getting a bit of an education. She has already learned that caring for a dog is much more work than she anticipated. Not only does she get to walk, feed and bathe the dog and get up in the night to take her out for a potty break, but Lacy seems to have some abandonment issues, and so Michelle is now never alone in the house. Every where she goes, Lacy goes with her. But school starts on Monday, which means Michelle will be gone and Lacy will be my companion. And then I get to walk her, feed her and take her out side to pee.

Lucky me!! :-)
And . . Woe Is We!
We got home from piano lessons yesterday and were hit with a blast of heat as we walked through the back door. Apparently at some point in our absence, our air conditioning unit stopped working. The downstairs unit was out last week and now it appears to be the top unit's turn. Unfortunately, our kitchen and bedroom are upstairs. It was 114 degrees outside, and probably close to 100 inside (our thermostat only measures to 90). I found chocolate bars we brought back from our trip melted in the cupboard.
So, I will be calling yet another repairman this morning. And until he arrives either hibernating in the basement or finding somewhere air conditioned to go. Life is filled with unexpected little surprises!


Carolyn said...

My dad always resisted pets. After years of begging we finally convinced him. In just a few months we caught him scratching Chico's tummy and talking baby talk.

Momza said...

Yea! for Lacy! And for Michelle! And you too!
Are you crate training her? She looks like she has some black lab in her.
Congrats! Dogs are so neat!

Jenny-Jenny said...

cute puppy. Well, we haven't gotten up to 114 but 102 for here is outrageous and so I know all about finding cool places to escape to.

Lisa said...

Sorry to hear about your A/C troubles- not a good time for that to happen. It's so stinkin HOT. Good luck.

A dog! One day we'll break down and get a dog for our little boy but it'll have to wait till we move.