Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Talk About Ego Deflating!!

I am still in Utah and mostly having a good time. It was a lot of fun to see my parents and siblings who live here. It was fun to take Kathryn to BYU on Monday and run into so many people from home who were dropping of their children as well. It was fun to spend time with Kristen (my other BYU daughter) as I have been missing her, and it was fun today to bottle meat with my sister Becky.

But it was NOT fun shopping with her. The lady at the check out counter thought I was Becky's mother. Becky is only five years younger than I am.

That totally ruined my day.

Becky told her I was a sister, not her mother. The evil lady tried to undo the damage but everything she said only made it worse. I thanked her for putting me in what I was sure was total depression. But then I returned to my parent's house and told my woeful tale to my real mother. That is when I learned my depression could actually deepen. I thought my mother would offer sympathy or even better, tell me how the lady must have very bad eyes, or something somewhat comforting like that.

But instead my mother--yes my very own mother--said, "You know they have some very good makeup out there these days that helps you to look younger. "


So I called my husband and told him. He told me how beautiful I am, and how young I look to him.

I love that man!!

But I am still thinking that perhaps a face lift would be a nice Christmas gift. :-)


Carolyn said...

Ohhhhh. That would have really got to me! I try to be all zen about looks etc, but what woman wouldn't be destroyed by a comment like that?

Maybe you just need a new outfit and a haircut. It's amazing how people attach hair/clothes to youth.

Momza said...

Awww it's one person in one minute on one day. Don't let stuff like that stick to you!
There's too many other things that deserve your attention than that moment!
Keep moving and don't look back!
Have a good laugh about it and keep moving!

KC Mom said...

That's not fun when that happens! Every time I shop with my younger sister, people comment on how much we look alike, except that I must be the "older" sister. Come on! Do I look older??? :(

Shannon said...

I was visiting my brother (9 years younger than me) last year and one of their friends thought I was his mom and grandmother to his then 1-year-old son. It was a bit depressing, but then I figured I've earned every gray hair and not being as thin as I once was makes me that much more inviting for a snuggle with grandkids when they do come some day! In fact, I'm kind of glad to be getting older. I've leaned alot in my several trips around the sun and I really wouldn't care to turn back the clock and do them again. You are great just the way you are and many people out there are so grateful for you just being you. (Though, I wouldn't dismiss Carolyn' idea for a hair cut and a new outfit. Sound like good excuses to me and who couldn't use a little pampering!)

Have a great visit with your daughters. Some time we ought to get together when you're in UT. It would be fun to actually meet!

MissKris said...

I think she was just jealous. So she couldn't keep herself from putting you down to make herself feel better.
I'm pretty sure my mom would agree with that :)

Christina said...

Ouch! I think you are beautiful, too. Can you help it if your sister looks like she's 20? =)

Becky said...

Just chalk it up to all the traveling you have done lately. You are not as well rested as you normally would be. Plus all the stress from the broken items at home.

Lisa said...

Ouch...no fun. I live right by my sister who is 10 years younger than me. My 2 youngest kids are her kids ages. I am constantly told that my hair needs to be colored and that I should join the gym with her.

The kicker was during Thanksgiving at our house when my mom made the comment that my sister is the cute one and I am the smart one. So now that's the on going family joke. Thankfully my husband disagrees. Smart man.

Jill said...

People think I'm Mer's mother all the time

JUST ME, THE MOM said...

Ha! One day at Costco my and I experienced a similiar happening - the check out guy says to us "having a little mother / daughter shopping spree?" We both just looked at him in amazement. We're only 18 months apart. We didn't have the courage either of us to try to figure out which he though was which - LOL! I was paranoid for days :)