Friday, September 4, 2009


Our dear, sweet Kathryn turns 19 today. She was born at 3:19 p.m., and has been bringing joy into our lives ever since.

She was due August 28, and the doctor told me that if she didn’t come on her own, he would induce on September 4. My reaction was, “Are you crazy!? The deadline for the school year is September 1. If we wait until the 4th it will be a whole additional year before she can go to kindergarten.” But he insisted and so on September 4, we made the journey to the hospital for her birth.

September 4 was also the first day of school and Ryan’s first day in kindergarten. And it was just a couple days after Camille (2nd grade) fell and broke both her arms. We also had a huge monsoon storm sweep through the valley the day before which brought torrential rains and flooded all the streets and my doctor’s office. So the day on its own was memorable, but Kathryn being born made it special.

And I have always been grateful for that extra year we have had with her. Her younger sister, Michelle, is very grateful for that year as well.

Kathryn has a sweet and gentle spirit. She is also my quiet daughter and the hardest for me to get to know. But she is funny and sassy, very social, smart and clever and I am missing her terribly now that she has gone off to BYU.

But we know she will have a great year and so wish her the very best and a

Between graduation and heading off to college, I have already published most of my favorite pictures of Kathryn, but here are a few more. I love her hair in this one. She is the one child who got curly hair--which she considers a curse and I envy.

Here is Wes, Kathryn and Michelle in Sydney, Australia when we went there to pick up Ryan from his mission. (I am not sure why Ryan was not in this picture.)

I always get a kick out of this picture. This was on Thanksgiving in Utah while everyone was lounging around watching the football game. Kat couldn't resist posing.


Carolyn said...

Happy Birthday!

Momza said...

Aww Happy Birthday Kathryn!!

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday to Kathryn! How is she doing? You're like me but I still have an extra caboose. We head up with the twins and all their stuff tomorrow.

Lisa said...

I like your background!

Dave and Camille said...

Happy Birthday Kathryn!!!!!!!!! I'm glad she's in our family too :) I remember the day she was born too... You would help me out of the bunk bed since I had the two casts and that morning when I called for you, Sister Bowden came in instead. For some reason that's stuck with me :)

Jenny-Jenny said...

Happy Birthday! ...and, cute background! You did good.

MissKris said...

Great post- I love that last picture too!
Happy Birthday Kathryn!

GRAMEE said...

happy birthday to your sweet girl!

i am still struggling to be the alpha dog!