Monday, September 28, 2009

I Now Have New Appreciation for Primary Teachers

I got to teach primary yesterday. I am not really a primary person so when the note was being passed around in Sunday School requesting a primary teacher for the third hour of the block, I tried to pass it off to someone, anyone. But unfortunately for me, I was sitting right in the middle of both the young women's and young men's presidency so they all had good excuses--which I did not. I even tried to pass it off to the bishop, who just laughed and wished me luck.

So reluctantly I took the note and walked down the hall to the primary room. The president handed me a manual and put me in a room with 11 seven year olds. I was then given a sign that said,, "Help Me" to put on the door if things got too out of hand. I thought "Seriously, how hard can seven year olds be? I won't need the sign." Well, I didn't use, it, but only out of pride. The class was CRAZY!! I am sure there was never a second when all 11 kids had their bottoms in their chairs and their mouths closed at the same time. I left feeling so grateful for the few challenges my 20 fourteen-year-olds give me in seminary. And I left with greater appreciation for all of you out there who teach primary.

One more random thought . . . I really enjoyed the Relief Society broadcast Saturday night but I did have to chuckle at the name change for the mid week relief society meetings from "Home, Family and Personal Enrichment" to just being called "Relief Society Meetings." Sister Beck said the change was made after consultation with the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve. Now can you just picture that meeting? I picture fifteen men sitting there discussing possible names and one of them raising his hand and asking, "Umm, has anyone ever thought of just calling it Relief Society?" Great idea!!

Lastly, here is a little thought for the day. "Give yourself an award today, or even a standing ovation. Even if its just for preparing a fabulous breakfast [or any breakfast at all], getting the kids off to school on time, or just breathing. We all need acknowledgment." Loretta LaRoche.

Okay everyone, I want to hear the clapping!!

And may you always have . . . joy in your journey.


Becky said...

Primary teachers are unsung heroes far too often! Seven 11 year old girls would be a big challenge. We have one class in our primary of 7 five year old little boys. The teachers of that class are definitely earning their place in heaven.

MissKris said...

I just gave myself a standing ovation for serving myself a bowl of soup... It felt so good I'm going to give myself an encore performance and have seconds. Maybe by the time i finish this bowl, some roommates will be home to join me in the congratulations. :)
I like your point about "Relief Society" meetings. That makes me laugh. I guess it's true that sometimes we fail to see the obvious.

Small House said...

Do people still fix breakfast? We pour ceral, and call it good.

Primary is much easier when you have a little while to prepare. You thrown right into the firey pit.

JUST ME, THE MOM said...

Bravo! I am clapping! I'm so proud of you for surviving that primary class :) Until just recently I taught the 4 year olds in Primary. I love those little ones to death and miss their sweet faces, hugs and singing voices more than anything. But I think I've put on a few pounds with the decreased activity level.

I'll have to find something else to chase around . . .


Christina said...

Primary can be tough! I've been in there for years.

I had to laugh about the HFPE thing. I thought the same thing, and a bit later, I turned to my neighbor and asked, "So, do you think the person who came up with that name is offended now?" Probably not, but I'm sure someone put a whole lot of thought and effort into it!

Tanielle said...

I love primary, but after a few years of the 3 and 4 year olds I was ready for a break for sure. I enjoy playing the piano in primary much more, that way ya get to watch how out of control the kids can be sometimes, and sit back and smile a little.:-)

GRAMEE said...

when i was in the primary prez. we had the hardest time finding subs..

you will be!

i left an award for you on my blog

Heidi Ashworth said...

I'm the primary secretary which is AWESOME b/c you get to watch the antics from afar--kind of like a grandparent. Love it! I think you should give yourself a little standing ovation, for sure!