Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's Raining, It's Pouring . . . Is this ever going to stop?

We live in a desert. We normally only get about six inches of annual rain fall, so about 330 days of the year we can count on sunshine, and we can have outdoor parties in January. So we were pretty excited to hear a rain storm was coming. We haven't seen rain in several months and even the cacti were looking thirsty.

It started as just a few drops on the sidewalks.

And built until we had a drizzle off the rain gutter.

Then we had a down pour.

Soon the once dry ground couldn't hold any more moisture and little rivers started to form.

The wash in front of our house, where a month ago we built a bonfire, was running water for the first time in five years.

And our driveway flooded.

Streets turned to rivers and parks turned to ponds.

Several kids stayed home from school due to the rain. I heard one boy rolled his car when he hydroplaned, lost control and hit a curb, (we don't really know how to drive in bad weather here) and I just got a call from a seminary student telling me he won't be in class tomorrow because their roads are all flooded.
In spite of it all, I loved today. I was mostly home, reading a book, baking whole wheat rolls and making chipotle chicken and corn chowder. All warm comfort food.
But now it is dark outside. The wind is picking up and the rain is pelting my windows. I am ready for it to stop.
Or someone may need to send an ark.


justmeagain said...

People seriously took a "rain day"???? Hee Hee Hee Hee Hee Hee Hee. Sorry but I think that is hilarious!!

Rebecca Irvine said...

It is pouring here right now and the winds are so blustery. It is so rare for AZ! Love your pictures documenting how it works here.

BTW, I need some 7 yr old b-day party ideas. She wants to have a penguin party. Any suggestions what to do? I know you love to do parties.

Lisa said...

I'm wondering if my pool will overflow. My neighbors large tree fell down with that last fierce wind.

I kinda like it too. Beautiful blues skies all the time can get pretty boring.

MissKris said...

Oh my! That's CRAZY!!! It's been forever since i've seen the neighborhood looking like that! I want a rain day :)

Dave and Camille said...

Hahahahaha... I still find this hysterical. Care to share any good recipes?

Christina said...

How neat! I got such a kick out of Arizona when we were there. We'd constantly drive over things labeled "Stick River" and "XYZ river" and there wasn't a drop of water to be seen. It's nice to know that once in a while you see some moisture.

Marilyn said...

Sounds like a perfect "rain day" to me. The wind was crazy last night! Your chipotle chicken chowder sounds delish! Is the recipe coming?

Shannon said...

I LOVE AZ rain storms- in part because they are so rare. Glad you got to enjoy it. We had some amazing wind last night and a few sprinkles, but that was it. Our front window was seriously bowing inward with the force of the wind blowing right at it and the front door became a lethel weapon. The kids hoped for a "wind day" today, but it's all quiet on the home front this morning.

Suzanne said...

I love to see the rainy days in the dessert! It brings some chaos, but I think it is gorgeous! Outdoor parties in January?? You are killing me! Killing me! Enjoy the beauty and reading and baking! -Suzanne

Mary said...

We had a day off due to rain too. In the Midwest it is freezing rain though. Your rain looks so much nicer.