Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ever Feel Lonely?

When I saw this tree I had to jump out of my car and take a picture.
What a poor, little, lonely lemon.
But I realized even though there is only one, the tree still used all of its resources to grow it.
I think there is a lesson in that about the value of an individual.
Yesterday I was a service project.
Yes, A service project--not at a service project
But it wasn't like it sounds.
In December the women in my ward all wrote down a service they were willing to give and then put them in a bowl.
Everyone who offered a service could then also draw a service.
I drew "Take someone to lunch"
So yesterday, the sweet sister made good on her offer and took me to lunch.
And I had a wonderful time.
Thank you so very much Allyson A.!!
I got a call yesterday asking me to speak in church on Sunday.
I haven't given a talk in church for six years.
The topic is teaching.
Kind of broad.
Pray for me. :-)


Dave and Camille said...

Great picture... I guess if the tree was only going to do one thing, at least it did it well! I'm glad you had fun at lunch!

MissKris said...

wow. Incredible picture. You are so good. I'm not sure I would have noticed that. I love it though!

justmeagain said...

Okay, I am sure you put up that picture more out of humor, but it was a good lesson for me this morning. We have been planning an activity that only involves a couple girls. I was thinking that since so few would benefit it wasn't really worth a lot of effort. But after seeing the tree and your thought about the same amount of effort going into creating the one lemon got me thinking . . . Thanks for that.

Momza said...

So we're having family devotional the other night, and read a thought by Neal A Maxwell, wherein he spoke of "building the kingdom" by service. To bring it close to home, I said, "We love our Bishop so much because he has served us and loved us for many years, right? And we love our dear sweet missionaries who've come into our home all these years, because we've served them and loved them, right? That's building the kingdom." And it is. Serving one another is how God's Kingdom grows.
Really great post, Lori

Rebecca Irvine said...

Going out to lunch sounds like a fun way to give service. I missed our RS service night last Tuesday due to a family affair.

Good luck speaking in church. You will do great!

Suzanne said...

My mind is going crazy over that picture and the different meanings it could have. The parable of the talents, Parable of the lost sheep, ye shall know them by their fruit or just plain standing out in a different kind of beautiful!

Thanks for sharing that with me today! I am so glad you had a great lunch and you were able to spend time with your sister.

Good luck on your talk! Just speak from you heart! -Suzanne

kwag said...

GOOD LUCK with the talk :) it happens to the best of us....

Da Bergs said...

Cute little tree with a lemon... You will do a GREAT job on your talk!!!

DianeSS said...

Thanks for the reminder that we sometimes need to give others the opportunity to find joy in serving us. A great idea to give everyone a chance to give and receive a bit of love.

Jeanette said...

I want a lemon tree! :-) I am sure you will do great on your talk. Good luck.

蘭蘭的 said...
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Nikia, May and da kids said...

You will do great at your talk. You know how I know that?? Have you ever read some of your own posts?? Impressive.

I wish we had a service project pull in RS. It sounds like a great idea.


Jill said...

That's a good idea. I think I want to use it in our R.S.

Small House said...

AH-ha...I'm really interested in this service project, putting it in a bowl, and drawing from it. Can you send me a little more detail. SOUNDS GREAT for our ward.

AND as far as speaking on Sunday, I look forward to the day when I say I haven't spoke in 6 years. MAN....GOOD LUCK!!!!!

Just ME the MOM said...

I love the idea of the service drawing, may just have to borrow that one. How fun to have some one-on-one time with another sister. Those times are the best. Interestingly, a friends of mine just pointed out to me that while we are searching and fellowingshipping the one (speaking mostly of the youth) we can't neglect or ignore the 99 who are doing things right and are where they should be. Also so true! Everyone needs their moment in the sun :)