Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I'm Off To See the Doctor . . .

I was walking with my friend Susan the other day when she asked me if I had been to the doctor recently. I laughed. I just barely went to the dentist after an eight year hiatus, (no cavities, thank you!!) and I was pretty sure it has been about that same amount of time since I have been to the doctor (minus the gynecologist).

Susan told me she had a check up recently and suggested I might consider doing the same. "Okay, I thought. When I get around to it, I will do that."

Then yesterday my friend Lisa called. She said she woke up with me on her mind and was wondering when was the last time I had been to see my doctor.

Now let me tell you something about Lisa. Lisa always gets premonitions about people. She knows who is pregnant before they do. She knows who the new Relief Society president will be before the bishop extends the call. So you don't want to dismiss Lisa when she says she has you on her mind.

"I am going to die!" I thought. My heart started racing, my chest was constricting, my head started pounding. In fact I was pretty sure I was going to have a heart attack or stroke that very minute.

"Calm down" I told myself. "You are going to be fine." But even so, I called the doctor's office. I told them I needed to make an appointment with my doctor. They told me my doctor is not taking new patients and I would need to see someone else.

"But I am not a new patient. I went there once about eight years ago."

"That is too long ago so you are considered a new patient"

"Well, maybe it was seven years ago."

"Still too long. But you can see one of the other doctors."

I didn't know anything about the other doctors so I had no idea how to choose between them. But I did want a female so I asked for that and they gave me a list and then added, "But most of them aren't seeing new patients for three or four months."

Are you kidding me?! Doesn't this lady realize both Lisa and Susan think I need to see a doctor now? What if I die before then?!

"Okay," I said, "Is there one you could recommend to me?"

"Well," she answered, "If you want to get in sooner you will want to see Dr. _______ (I can't remember the name). She doesn't have very many patients so is more available."

Great. I am trusting my life to a doctor no one else wants to see. "Okay. When can I get in?"

"March 2". Apparently even the unpopular doctor has a wait.

So that is how I have come to have a doctor's appointment for the first time in eight years. Now if I can only hold on that long . . . :-)


Rebecca Irvine said...

I am sure you are fine. I don't like to go to the doctor either. It's not like you have not been to any doctor at all.

MissKris said...

Ok that is not a very nice post.

Suzanne said...

Now that was a great post! I was giggling the whole way through it! I am sure you are fine, even though Lisa suggested the doctor visit. Perhaps these may be your last days, you should live your life to the fullest until that day! Stay positive and be happy and not seeing a doctor for 8 years is a good thing! Have a wonderful day (turning and biting knuckle)! -Suzanne

Shannon said...

I'm checking my Google Reader and finding I've been thinking about a lot of the same things as other bloggers. A visit to my doctor was on my mind this morning. It's been a while for me, too, but not 8 years. A check-up will certainly not hurt and at least February is a short month. Only 28 more days! Hope you do make it that long. My days would have something missing if there was nothing to read here. Good luck with the wait!

Carolyn said...

I went last month for the first time in years and years. (Honestly I couldn't remember the last time I'd had a check-up other than going to my OB to have a baby.)

It took forever, but everything was basically ok.

I hope your visit turns out to be a reassurance that you are healthy!

NatureGirl said...

Funny...made me giggle too. None of us like to go. We all put it off. Thank you for adding a little humor to our mutual aversion!

Just ME the MOM said...

Ok, you got my giggling here at work tonight (which I REALLY REALLY need right now!) so I think you're going to make it :) I'm glad you have something scheduled for March though - always best to stay on top of those things. Now I'm going to bug you about a MAMMO . . .


justmeagain said...

I am sorry but I laughed through this as well. I am sure you are fine, it just seemed funny when I read it. Good luck!!

Nikia, May and da kids said...

I hope all goes well. If it wasn't for getting pregnant with my daughter, i went 8 years without seeing a doctor and then after having her, I went another 6 before I started getting really sick and then when I went again 3 years ago, I found out I had cancer. PLEASE see the doctor! it is not in your best interest not to. Take it from someone who hates medical appts of any kind.


M said...

maybe you are pregnant...just throwing that out there...i've always wanted a little brother!