Thursday, February 25, 2010

Look Who Is Driving Now!!

Watch out Arizona!!
Michelle has her driver's license!
Yes, my baby is old enough to drive. Sad but true.
Now she just wishes I will let her drive.
For some reason I am terrified to let her out the door on her own.
(Probably related to the fact that she is my BABY!!)
Last night I did let her drive to mutual.
My husband celebrated her independence--and ours.
I wanted to cry.
And I was down on my knees in fervent prayer the entire time she was gone.
So that is a bit of an exaggeration,
but I did have a fervent prayer in my heart the entire time.
And I was so very relieved when she returned.
Tomorrow I may let her drive to the mall to shop for a prom dress.
She also has her first date on March 6.
She is going to the Mormon Prom (we have had to provide a substitute since the one at the school is so raunchy) with the boy next door.
I am so glad.
He has been one of her best friends since she was three.
And in fact, he taught her how to ride a bike.
So, who could be better to go with on your first date?
Although, dating and a driver's license is just about more than I can handle.
Personally, I wish she could just stayed small.


M said...

sorry mummy, but aging is inevitable! better embrace it! :)love ya!

Small House said...

I took my 15 year old who is my baby,l to take his written test today. We didn't have enough ID so we'll go back next week. It's a crazy feeling!!!

I've heard about the "Mormon Proms". I think they sound so fun. What a great idea to get the youth together in a better atmosphere. I bet they have so much FUN!!! Maybe you could attend the dance as an adult leader?? Just an idea.

Dave and Camille said...

Michelle is still 7 to me sometimes... I can't believe she's driving and dating! Now I feel old. Love you!

Shannon said...

I can relate to the feelings, but not with my baby. I wonde if having boys will be easier than girls...or maybe even more terrifying! Congrats to Michelle and you to!

Lisa said...

I'm feeling your pain! Mormon Prom is fun. I'm sure she'll love it. Prom for your 1st date..way to go Michelle.

Momza said...

That is two whammies in one week! I think I might be frazzled too! She must be a good driver to make it around all that traffic in your area!
I wish we had a Mormon Prom around here...I don't think we have enough youth to do that though. Great idea.
Love that she is going with the boy next door though. Cute! Can't wait to see pictures!

MissKris said...

I CANNOT believe Michelle is that old. Next thing you know, she'll be 17 and engaged, just waiting to graduate so she can get married.
hahaha just kidding.
If you weren't worried before...

Marilyn said...

Ooh-I feel your pain-my baby started driving in December. Now she has a "boyfriend" and I'm trying not to go crazy-