Saturday, February 27, 2010

Rainstorms, Tears and Living Water

Here in the desert the ground is mostly dry and brown. Particularly in the summer months, the earth lies parched, eagerly waiting to soak up moisture from the occasional rain storm.

And so I usually rejoice when the storms roll in. The water, raining down from heaven, cleanses the air and brings life to the desert below. Unseen seeds, that were patiently lying dormant, suddenly begin to grow.

And what once was brown, in just a few days becomes green.

Everywhere dead shrubbery is replaced by an abundance of fresh new growth.

While watching the desert change over the past few days, I have been thinking a lot about the blessing of storms. What can appear as threatening, can also bring nourishment and growth.
And so it is, I believe, with the storms of life. They may be difficult at times, and may be watered with tears, but those same tears cleanse our souls and awaken within us the seeds of new growth.
I have never been one to pray for trials, or to embrace them, but in reflection I am always grateful for the softening of my heart, the planting of the seeds of faith, and the spiritual and emotional growth life's storms may bring.
John 4: 14 But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life.


Rebecca Irvine said...

When I woke up to sounds of rain this morning it made me smile. I said a prayer giving thanks for rain. It is wonderful! I feel the same way once trials are over and I recognize what i have learned.

Emma T said...

Okay, okay, I will try to be more grateful for the storms in my life!! :-) It is just so hard some times.

justmeagain said...

Thanks so much for this. It is something I needed to hear. Our family has been hit by a few serious "storms" of our own and just this morning I have been sitting here wondering why. Things seem so hard right now. I hope I can find growth in the challenges we are facing.

Small House said...

Very well put! Trials as hard as they are, certainly add to our character.


rad6 said...

great thoughts... and oh so true... why is it so hard to remember all that in the middle of the storm?

can you email me???
rdavis6 at surewest dot net.
I want to compare notes and see where you are in the book of mormon... we are doing the war chapters this week but I am a week behind and trying to decide how I am going to catch up.

MissKris said...

So true. I love that. I'm glad I'm getting older (for a multitude of reasons :) because I'm beginning to have a a better perspective about life and am starting to see as I look back on life how a trial can lead to something good... It's the craziest thing when a trial feels like torture and then later your heart is filled with gratitude for it. Oh life... :)

Dave and Camille said...

Great post! Thank you for the thoughts to ponder as well as the beautiful pictures.