Tuesday, February 16, 2010

In Utah . . .

Overheard in the hospital hallway:

Nurse #1: How is your day going?
Nurse #2: All my patients are crazy! They are seriously crazy!
Nurse #1: Well, I guess crazy people get sick too.

(And I did check to make sure my mother was not one of her patients.:-)

Dear Everyone,

I have missed reading all your blogs and hearing about your lives. I have also missed writing and telling you about mine.

I am in Utah right now visiting my parents and my daughters. My mother had surgery February 8 and I came up to help. I thought she would be out of the hospital by now, but due to some complications, that has not yet happened. Today was a positive day, however, so I am hopeful she will be able to go home before I return to Arizona on Saturday. Mostly she just has to prove she can eat food. She tried eating two days ago and got violently sick so they haven't let her have any food since--until tonight. Before that she hadn't eaten since February 7. Tonight was a big night though, she drank three entire swallows of grape juice!! When we got home from the hospital she called and asked us to bring her a fried egg and some toast in the morning. We wish we could. I don't think the doctors will allow it, however. But if all goes well, she may get some broth. Funny how you can become so grateful for such small things.

In the meantime I get to spend my days in the hospital. It was one year ago exactly she almost died and I got to spend 9 days sitting by her side in the ICU. Coming back to the hospital again at the same time of year brought back a lot of bad memories, and I was not looking forward to it. But this time has been a lot better. At least she has been awake to visit with us. And I have been able to spend time visiting with most of my siblings as well.

When I am not in her very teeny, tiny hospital room (due to other visitors filling the space) I am out in the waiting room, abiding my time by talking with everyone who walks by. I met a poor father of newborn twins who took the day off work to be with his wife (and watch the babies) while she had gallbladder surgery. I helped one very lost patient find her way back to her room, saw a cousin whom I haven't seen in about 20 years, and got to meet several families coming to visit grandma or grandpa.

At one time my daughter Kathryn and I were sitting near a hall way partially blocking the hall (the best chairs were there) Since everyone had to go around us we started telling them we were the official greeters for the hospital floor. We also told one man it was a toll hall and he had to pay. He said he didn't have to pay because he knew the secret password. And each time he would pass us (we were there for about an hour) he would give us a new word. It got pretty funny.

So you can tell we have had some long days.

But tonight I also went to dinner with my two BYU daughters and that was lots of fun. They are so funny and clever when they are together and always make me laugh. For example when I got off the plane in Utah and made my way to baggage claim, I saw in the distance my daughter Kristen with a large neon green poster board that had my name on it with a question mark at the end. She was standing there asking people if they were me as they went by. Several middle aged men volunteered, but she told them she was pretty sure she was waiting for a female. When I saw her I about died laughing. For a brief moment all my worry over my mother vanished while we had a good laugh and a hug. Humor is such a blessing!

I hope all is well with everyone who read this and that your Valentine's Day was filled with love. I also hope to be back to regular blogging soon.


Momza said...

You are certainly missed. I hope your Mom gets to have her eggs and toast very soon!

Lisa said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your mother. I remember last year and how worried you were about her then. Let her know we're pulling for a quick recovery.

Just ME the MOM said...

Hope you're Mom gets to feeling better right quick here! Can't believe you're in a hospital in Utah, right now . . . me too! Sounds like you're providing the comic relief for everyone. That's just what we all need a little hospital humor.

I'm at Alta View in Sandy, how about you?

Marilyn said...

Oh, good luck with everything! I spent all last week with my father in law in the hospital-so I totally understand. I hope your mom is feeling better.

Rebecca Irvine said...

I hope you mom is healing quickly and that you are enjoying some extra time with your daughters. I had been wondering where you were!

PS, Like the new blog topper pic.

Christina said...

Your poor mother! We don't live far from UVRMC, if you're there, so PLEASE let us know if we can bring you dinner or pizza or chocolate, of if you just need a place to crash for a nap or something. =) My cell number is 801 318 8444

NatureGirl said...

So proud of you making the most of a difficult situation and meeting new people! Sending your good mama the best of wishes and prayers.

Shannon said...

I hope your mom is well and eating soon. Enjoy the rest of your visit and please let me know if there's anything I can do to help. We're in Provo, if that's where she is. Best wishes!

Suzanne said...

First of all, I am waving to you wherever you are at! (((WAVE)). So sorry to hear about your mother. Although, I do know from experience that when the cravings hit, healing is happening! I send you all the happy and healing vibes I can to you and your family. Have a great day! -Suzanne

Dave and Camille said...

I'm glad you're enjoying the good parts and making the best of things. I wish I could be there! Love you

MissKris said...

That is so funny about you charging people to go down the hallway! Wouldn't you have been chocked if that guy would have opened up his wallet and asked "How Much?"