Monday, August 9, 2010

My Baby Started School Today!!

Sack Lunch

School Supplies

Back pack

Car keys???

And she is off!!
Her first day as a junior in high school!

And it scares me to death.
Since she is a junior she gets to drive this year.
But that isn't what scares me.
She is also getting so old and will soon leave home.
But that isn't what scares me either.

What scares me is that all summer long she was at home in a safe and protected environment
or at work with Wes.
But school is very different.

I remember the first day I put my oldest in kindergarten.
I hated that she was no longer in my constant care and that others who didn't have our same values would be attempting to influence her.
I remember when she grew up and started high school.
I thought things were bad then.
But now it is 12 years later, and things are so very much worse.

I read last week that Target apologized for contributing money to
a conservative candidate and promised to do a better job overseeing their
political contributions in the future.

And today I read that Home Depot fired an employee for wearing a badge that said,
"One Nation Under God"
But allowed homosexual employees to wear aprons promoting their beliefs.

At Michelle's school, foul language, homosexuality and immorality of all kind abounds.
It is not only accepted but it is promoted and encouraged.

And so I hate that each day I send her out into a world that bombards her with evil.

But I am so thankful for the seminary program that allows her to meet with others of her same values each morning.

I am grateful that she can "put on her armor" before going out into the wicked world.

I am grateful for scriptures, family prayer, and family home evening that also strengthen that armor.

And I am grateful for a wonderful youth program with inspired leaders who, recognizing the evil of our day, help the youth to see the importance of "returning to virtue".

Yesterday in our church meeting, all the young women sang the song, "Virtue".
It made me cry.
I pray they believe it.
I pray they will live it.
And I pray they will always stand strong

Below is a video of a shortened version of the song.
I hope you enjoy it.


M said...

you can come to school with me if you want to! then you could drive me, because even though you say it doesn't scare you i know it does :) by the way, i love the backpack!

Sue said...

You've really touched me today with your post...and then the song...and then your sweet daughter's comment.

And now I'm crying.

(What a boob.)


Lisa @ Pulsipher Page said...

My youngest daughter starts High School as a freshman this week too. I feel the same way you do.

MissKris said...

I've never heard that song before and I love it! Thanks for what you wrote. It was so sweet.
But just think of how hard you're going to have to pray for your grandchildren! (and your daughters who will be their moms)

Cherie said...

Great post and so very true! The world has become so much worse and I am with you it IS scary. I am so grateful for Seminary and for Church each week, for the things we know as LDS and can teach our children.
The one great thing is that the kids are strong - I always notice how spiritually strong this generation is - they have to be!!
Beautiful song!

Momza said...

I'm right there with you.
We've had alot of conversations in our home lately around the different topics of virtue, honesty, and integrity...because those things are virtually being destroyed by a very LOUD minority. It is a frightening world compared to the years of my high school experience.
Our school district FINALLY has released time seminary starting this year!!
Daisie is very happy about that!

KC Mom said...

That is exactly how I feel!

I feel like I'm sending these babies out to the wolves. It breaks my heart every year. That is really the reason why we moved. It has gotten so bad where we lived that our kids needed to be around better influences. I hope we've been right about our decision.

I hope you feel better about it today.

The Crazy Coxes said...

No! No! Say it isn't so! I'm not ready for school to start. I am so with you - on the whole bombardment of evil thing.

My youngest will also be a junior this year. Yea 2012!

偉曹琬 said...


DianeSS said...

Thanks for sharing that beautiful song! I wish we could go out with our children to protect them like a lioness protects her cubs, but thankfully we have lots of help.

Just ME the MOM said...

I loved your comments today! I remember having the same feelings. Especially when my youngest was selected as a freshman to play on the highschool softball team - the stories she came home with! I was like "please, just cover YOUR ears!". Now I see the wonderful young woman she has become and am truly so grateful for seminary, institute and her wise choices.

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