Monday, September 13, 2010

A Lesson From "We The People"

Although I have strong political views, I have not used my blog to express them. However, what happened at my daughter's school last Friday is too tempting for me not to share.

Friday was the first pep assembly of the year and as part of the assembly, each class was to present their class cheer which was made up by the class officers when each class were freshmen.

But the Junior class doesn't like their cheer. It is lengthy and the cadence is different from the other classes. They asked their class officers to change it. They asked the administration to change it. They even suggested several alternatives.

But the answer has always been an emphatic "no". Those they had chosen to represent them made their choice, and the class had no choice but to accept it.

Or so they were told.

Shortly before the assembly where the class cheers were to be presented, someone started passing around a short, easy to learn replacement. It wasn't clever, and it really wasn't even kind, but it made a strong statement of protest. Quickly it passed from student to student and in just a few minutes everyone had learned the protest cheer.

First the freshmen enthusiastically gave their cheer. Then the sophomores loudly shouted theirs.

Then it was time for the juniors.

In the past the class of 2012 has never cheered very loudly. Not liking their cheer, only a few voices could ever be heard coming from the crowd. But this time, while the class officers and cheerleaders stood in front of the crowd, holding posters with the words of the previously selected cheer, all the juniors stood and in one voice loudly shouted the words that had just recently passed from student to student.

The student council was confused. The administration was angry and disqualified the students from the cheer competition.

I applauded.

I am tired of elected officials forcing their agenda on the public, despite the protests of the people. And it sickens me that one solitary judge can over throw the votes of millions. I am beyond disillusioned with the corrupt politics in our country right now.

But something I learned from the class of 2012 is that when we all stand together, and shout in one voice, "we the people" can be heard.

Thank you Junior Class, for teaching me this. It gives me hope for our future.

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