Saturday, September 25, 2010

Look At Me Now!!

Look at these pictures of me! I love this one.

And this one!

And especially this one!

Okay, so they really aren't of me. But I sure wish they were.

Maybe someday . . . .:-)

About a month ago my friend and walking partner, Susan, decided we needed more of a challenge in our exercise routine. Frankly, I was quite content to walk our few miles around the neighborhood each morning while solving the problems of the world. But since she was ready to move on, I had no choice but to either find a new walking partner (which I did not want to do) or move forward with her.

So, we joined a neighborhood gym and now my life is filled with treadmills, weights, zumba classes and yes . . yoga!

I have wanted to try yoga for a long time but lacked the nerve and courage. But with a friend at your side, everything becomes less frightening, so we started attending the "gentle yoga" class twice a week together. And gentle it was. We would come out of class ready to take a nap. I loved the stretching but after a couple weeks we decided we could probably do a little more.

We noticed there was another yoga class just before our gentle one, so we decided to try that. We knew some people in the class and figured if they could do it, we could.

Yikes!! Three minutes in to class I knew I had made a huge mistake. Trying to balance on one foot while bringing my back leg up behind me just was not going to happen. (I couldn't even balance let alone grab my back foot!) Half way through the class my legs were shaking, my arms were trembling and I was sweating like a marathon runner. I was so thankful for dim lights and kept hoping no one was watching me as I stumbled through.

But apparently they were. As soon as class ended, the teacher came up to congratulate us for sticking it out. Ends up we were in an intermediate yoga class. INTERMEDIATE!! This after just three weeks of a remedial one.

She said how proud she was of us for being brave and trying some thing we obviously were not qualified for. (Those were not her exact words, but it was implied).

As we walked away, a member of the class must have thought we needed an additional pep talk because she then came over to visit with us as well. She told us that she was diagnosed with two herniated disks a year ago and so took up yoga. Now she attends class five days a week and loves it. In fact it is the only exercise she does.

I looked at her more closely. She was probably in her late 20's, tall, thin, beautiful, limber and very toned. VERY TONED!

As she walked away I watched her with just a touch [a lot] of envy.

Do you think if I stick it out I can look like that in a year?

Okay, probably not--in a million, billion years, ever! But, I think I am going to stick it out anyway.

11 comments: said...

Stick with it!!! I think of all my exercises, yoga has helped most. It helps with everything.

Rebecca Irvine said...

I really have enjoyed yoga in the past but have not done it in a while. I think I will dust off some of my dvds. Keep trying because it is worth the way it makes you feel.

Cherie said...

Good for you! I have always wanted to try Yoga but I have never been very flexible. The gently Yoga sounds like a winner.
I actually have never understood how standing in strange poses would make you toner but it obviously works! Keep it up and you'll look great!

Cherie said...

P.S. Not implying you don't look great now -ha ha - since I don't even know what you look like (wink!).

MissKris said...

wow! i am so impressed!!! I dont think i'd even try going to intermediate! I'm so proud of you for being so brave!

Just ME the MOM said...

Ha! You are such a dear! Lovin' it tremendously. I've tried yoga a couple times, Zumba a couple times. I'm very content to 'walk around the neighborhood' somewhat briskly - ha! The sad thing is somedays even that is too much :~)


Shannon said...

Lovely! You can do it!! Who cares if you can't pull your ankles to your ears. If all you get is a really good night's sleep after each yoga class, I call it a success. A little toning and strengthening is icing on the cake. Enjoy!

Momza said...

You are inspiring, Lori! Loved how you described your walking:
"I was quite content to walk our few miles around the neighborhood each morning while solving the problems of the world."-- I used to walk with a very good friend every morning after she taught Seminary and we'd do the same thing.
Also, I've always wanted to try yoga--
Nana does Hot Core Yoga (where they yoga in a heated room!) and loves it. I don't think that sounds fun at all, but maybe I'll try a gentle yoga class! You hang in there!
Loved this!

The Crazy Coxes said...

I can't wait - in a year, you'll post your own yoga pictures! You go!

Neil and Meredith Larson said...

I went to a beginning yoga class right after I had Grace and 80 year olds were blithely doing the moves and I was shaking just trying to lift my legs with my shot ab muscles

Penny said...

I love those photos! Wish I could move that way. I have given thought recently to trying a beginning yoga calls. Just don't want to feel like I can't walk after words.