Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Great (Attempted ) Escape!

It is such great weather here in Utah (where I am visiting for Spring Break) that even the house plants are trying to get outside to enjoy it!

Unfortunately for the plant, I thwarted its plan. But I am headed outside---clear blue skies, nice warm air . . . ! I get to go to lunch with my four sisters! And tomorrow we are headed back to Arizona (where I hear it is rather warm:-( but on Saturday my daughter Camille will be coming for a week visit along with her darling little baby! And that--I guarantee--will bring great. . . joy to my journey!


Becky said...

Yep-to be 90 degrees here today. I refuse to turn the AC on in March, though. In fact, I will likely wait until Easter unless it gets unbearable.

gramee said...

no way i is it ac time yet! i think 90 is still beautiful!!
i can handle the heat everywhere except the car!
the weekend is supposed to cool off just in time for you to come home! then next week more low 80's

Lisa said...

I'm with Becky- trying my hardest not to turn on the AC in March. It's getting very hot though! We're headed to Disneyland so maybe it'll be cooler there. I hope I get to sneak a trip to the beach. My toes are aching for a walk in the sand.

Annette Lyon said...

That is a WILD picture! I've been loving the Utah weather too. Finally--no snow!

Thanks for dropping by! It was neat to hear about your trip back to Costa Rica. Enjoy Finland! If you happen to see the temple president and matron, say hi for me. :)

Emma T said...

How fun to go to lunch with your sisters! I only have brothers so I was so glad when I finally got some sister in laws.