Sunday, March 1, 2009

What does your birthday predict about you?

I am constantly being emailed blog quizzes, which for the most part I ignore. But I did take this one and found it amazingly true. All you did was type in your birthday. The results for my husband and myself are below. I read them to him and his response was a very succinct, "weird". Truthfully, it was "weird" at how accurately it described the two of us.


Your Birthday Predicts You're Logical
Ever since you were born, you've been very practical.You focus on how things are instead of how they should be. You cope well.You love facts and figures. You crunch numbers like a pro, and you're naturally analytical. You don't give into your emotions. You are ruled by your head - not by your heart.


Your Birthday Predicts You're Adventurous
Ever since you were born, you've loved your life.You keep very busy without meaning to. There's just so many activities that you enjoy.Travel, friendships, an interesting career, [motherhood is an interesting career, don't you agree?:-)]and lots of hobbies fill up your schedule.You find so much joy in the world. You have a very rich life.

If you want to try it yourself, go to :


Becky said...

Mine says I am fearless--which I am not quite sure about. But the other descriptions are pretty accurate!

Love the new blog look, by the way.

Donise Price said...

Well, i did the test this is what it read: Ever since you were born, you've loved being a caretaker.
Whether you're caring for people or animals, you love making others feel good.

You don't stress or worry much in your life. You think it's important not to sweat the small stuff.
You have a soft spot in your heart for children and pets. You are drawn to anyone in need.
The things about the animals is not right and who doesn't love children? I don't stress over the small stuff as long as I think they are "small."

Emma T said...

That was fun! My daughter and I did it for the whole family. Some were freakishly accurate and others not so much. But all were fun to do. Thanks for posting the quiz!