Friday, March 20, 2009

Now the baby is escaping too!

When my daughter, Camille, puts her three-month-old baby to bed, she swaddles her tight as shown in the picture below. I admit she does sleep well that way, but I like to tease Camille about putting her poor baby in blanket prison.

Well, this morning I think Carly felt the same way and did her best to orchestrate a prison break. See how proud she looked when her mother discovered her! She not only managed to slip out of the blanket, but she got out of the top of her jammies as well!
Sure can't wait to see them both later tonight! We are going to have so much fun this week!
While in Utah I was able to have lunch with all four of my sisters. Three recently had birthdays so it was a big birthday celebration with a very lively political discussion. Ahhhh, the good things in life!!


Joy said...

She's a little Houdini. She is adorable. Thanks for coming by and reading my travel story. I could have used that Pooping Machine line when I was travelling with Paige all that time. That is a good one.
You have a beautiful family. I know you'll enjoy your grandbaby and get lots of sugar while she's there.
♥ Joy

Emma T said...

That is hilarious! What funny pictures and what a cute baby. I am sure you will have a great time while she is visiting.

Dave and Camille said...

Hey! This post looks familiar... ;) See you soon!

Shannon said...

She's so cute! My sister does the same thing with her 6 month old, or at least did when he was younger. I had never seen that before, but all they had to do was wrap Gage up, put something over his face and he'd go to sleep wherever they were. I'll have to call her and see if it still works. Enjoy your visit!

Momza said...

Oh my goodness! How did she get her top off? What a cutie!
I'm having granbaby envy. Yikes!

NatureGirl said...

What a little doll! Hunky Hubby just said "I want a grand baby..." I know how you feel about the weather situation. That is why I take advantage of every sunny day. It will snow again tomorrow likely. Eventually that will turn to 100 degrees and we will be back indoors as well. Such is life I guess. But keeps us on our toes and grateful when things are perfect!

gramee said...

adorable baby! grandbabie time is so good!
my daughter in law used to do the same thing with my grandson he was a little older when he started the same thing..right down to taking his jammies off..{she countered with 1 peice P.J. he couldn't unzip}
to this day he never sleeps the whole night fully clothed and he is 8 now!

Becky said...

She is so cute! Her smile is infectious.

Xazmin said...

She is gorgeous! What a sweetie.

Come by and visit when you get a chance - I've given you an award!

Tanielle said...

So cute! Oh babies are the best!!! Have a great Sunday!

LdsNana said...

I'm so glad you visited my blog, so that I could find YOUR blog.

Congratulations on your very first grandchild. What a blessings these little spirits are, to us.

Over the next two weeks, depending upon the "stars", our 8th and 9th grandbabies will be born! This is truly the best time of our lives.

Kathryn Skaggs

Would love for you to come visit me also, at