Monday, July 27, 2009

AND THE WINNER IS . . . and . . . Back to reality!!!

The comments were posted, the votes were in and the drawing was held. And the winner of my very first blog give-a-way for the cute little joy plaque below is . . .

Gramee, from The View From Gramee's Porch

Thanks so very much to everyone who posted comments on my blog while I was out of town. It meant so very much to me. I loved hearing from you all. Being so far from home, it was such a comfort to get on my blog and read the comments that were written.

And Carolyn, I took your advice and kissed on the Eiffel Tower!! There was my sweet, dear husband standing next to me, looking so incredibly handsome, with rain pouring down all around us. It was so very romantic, I couldn't resist!! In fact, I am pretty sure I kissed him twice!!

But now we are home and it is . . . BACK TO REALITY!!!!

This is my life today. Or at least it should be. I have piles and piles and piles of laundry to do.
But guess what!! Our well pump is broken and being fixed so there won't be water until this afternoon!!

And that is only the beginning. We arrived home late Saturday night to discover that in addition to the well pump---my oven didn't work, the air conditioning in the basement (which is where my three daughters have bedrooms) was out and our swimming pool pump had exploded while we were gone. So, as I said . . . we were quickly back to

R. E. A. L. I. T. Y.

But we are also very grateful to my good friend Jenny for bringing us dinner yesterday. It was so very yummy and so very appreciated.

And thanks to our neighbors and good friends the Purtymuns who got our mail each day, cleaned dead mice out of our swimming pool, rescued chairs that had blown away in a bad storm, shocked our pool regularly to keep it from going green since the pump wasn't working, and even mowed our lawns as a very nice surprise!!

You all bring such great . . . joy to my journey!

And now I am off to call repair men. Ugh!


Becky said...

Wow--it's a wonder your house did not implode while you were gone with all those other things going wrong. I am so sorry!

Congrats to Grammee!

Shannon said...

What a warm welcome home! It either makes you feel really needed or like getting back on that plane. Good luck getting everything up and running again!

Dave and Camille said...

Jeez... that pump sure isn't being nice lately. I remember having to make a long drive back to CO without getting my morning shower thanks to that pump. :) Sorry! But at least you have the memories of a fun vacation to help carry you through these times. Love ya!

Donise Price said...

Two times we have come home to find a freezer full of food broken and full of rotten meat. Life does have its moments.

Jenny-Jenny said...

Good grief. Glad you have some good friends down there. Welcome Home, huh?

M said...

do you have to talk about kissing dad on your blog? ick... :)

Carolyn said...

Ahh the power of suggestion. Romance is the best part of Paris. It is inescapable.