Saturday, July 11, 2009

Miracle in England and Giveaway Continues!

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We have had a great time so far on our trip and have learned two interesting stories I want to share. The first involves a miracle that occurred at the London Temple visitor’s center and the second is the history of bows on wedding gifts and the saying of “tying the knot” (according to our guide at the castle).

The London visitor’s center is the first temple visitor’s center in Europe, opening just last November. In the lobby is the customary Christus statue, with a mural of the world behind. Originally the mural was painted in the states and shipped to London, however when it was being applied to the wall, the adhesive used bled through the painting and ruined it. Not wanting to wait for another mural to be painted and shipped, those in charge began searching the phone book for a mural painter. One was found who came and painted what many believe to be an even better mural--shown and in the picture below.

The interesting thing (and the miracle) is that after the painting was completed, the artist asked those in charge how they had found him. They answered they found his name in the phone book. Perplexed the man said his name had not been in the phone book for seven years. The phone books was retrieved, and opened to where his name had been located, yet it was not there. What a blessing that when an artist was needed, the Lord provided a way to find one.

We learned the second story from the guide at Leed’s Castle. Notice the lettering on the tapestry below.

It has the letter H and C with a bow tied between them. The H is for King Henry the 8th and the C for his first wife Catherine of Aragon. When they were married, the letters with the bow tying them together became a symbol of the joining of the two kingdoms. That same symbol of tying the bow (or knot) became a symbol of uniting people in marriage as well, and was the beginning of placing a bow on wedding presents. Now I have not had time to research the veracity of this, but thought it was interesting all the same.

I hope all is well with everyone. We are off to see the little mermaid in Denmark!


Lisa said...

Interesting info- The little mermaid, my Lauren will be excited.

Carolyn said...

I was just reading about Henry and his wives the other day. How interesting.

And the miracle...just woner-ful.

Please enter me in your give-away :)

GRAMEE said...
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GRAMEE said...

wow! i am never surprised, when told of the miracles of our heavenly father.

i have heard the tying of the knot story since i was a small child from my grandmother..
she was told by her grandmother... passed on for generations.

{i want that JOY!} LOL..Gramee AKA Lindajoy

Shannon said...

I love little stories and the history behind things. Thanks so much for sharing. Enjoy the Little Mermaid and Denmark. I've always wanted to go there since I heard (hope it's true!) that they were so grateful for the help the US gave them during and after WWII that they started celebrating July 4th. What a nice gesture on their part. Have a great trip!

Momza said...

I love hearing about your travel adventures! Thanks for sharing! Did you happen to go to Hampton Court?

Jenny-Jenny said...

Wow! I love to hear of miracles like that one. I wonder how the man felt and how deeply the Holy Ghost penetrated him when he learned it.

Please enter me in the giveaway. You rock!!!

Becky said...

There was a little visitor's center at the London temple when I was a missionary there. I served one day a week when stationed in East Grinstead. But there were very few visitors who ever came in to the VC, so it was a hard place to serve. Maybe if they have redone it as it seems they may have then they get more traffic. The mural is beautifully done.

Love the bow story too--very interesting.

JUST ME, THE MOM said...

I learned two amazing things today. Thank you for sharing such great stories. What a treat to be able to go to the Visitors center.



Heidi Ashworth said...

He had the initials changed with the marriage of at least two of his later wives . ..

Rhonda Foyts said...

You are SO lucky! What a great trip. My husband is taking our third daughter, Anna, to Europe in September.