Friday, July 24, 2009

Ever wanted To Go To Paris?

Although we are going home in the morning and I think everyone is getting a little tired of our travels, I couldn't resist posting (actually having my daughter post) these pictures of Paris, where we currently are staying. Here we have continued the walking, but are certainly not eating as well since the food is so very expensive!! In truth, to order two pieces of toast from room service at our hotel is $16.00!! Yes, that is just for the toast--nothing else. Of course we have been able to find food on the street cheaper, but it is still quite costly.

However . . . that has not stopped us from having a great time! We flew into town last night and went directly to the Eiffel Tower.

While there it started to rain. Although I still loved the view, even in the fog. What I didn't love was the loud clap of thunder as lightening struck nearby. Nothing like standing on a metal building in a lightening storm to get your heart rate going.

Early the next morning we headed to the Louvre to view the wonderful masterpieces housed there. We were so glad we went early as in no time we were having to elbow our way through the crowd to see the more popular exhibits like the Mona Lisa.

We then walked along the Seine River towards the Notre Dame Cathedral. This is my favorite picture of all the ones I have taken. Although the clouds appeared rather ominous, it never rained on us--at least during this walk.

But what better way to see all the bridges and buildings of Paris than from a boat! We all enjoyed the time to rest our feet and view the sights from a different perspective. And I love this picture because you can see three of the bridges.

Or take a nap. :-)

Then it was back to the hotel room to watch the sun set from our window. I love this picture of the last rays of sunlight reflecting off the buildings below.

So, signing off from Paris, France--Adieu!


GRAMEE said...

oh..wonderful! Paris was my favorite of our trip to Europe! we are going to go there again in a couple of years. to bad the weather wasn't better for you!
when we were there no rain, but it was in the high 60's so it was sweater weather!
i love the picture you have of the city at dusk! so beautiful..
i believe Paris is magical.
but that's my view on it~

thanks for the wonderful vacation through your eyes!

weather here today so far cloudy and just mid 90's so nice..
gramee aka Lindajoy

Carolyn said...

I loved Paris. Try not to eat too many crepes!

Christina Bartholomew said...

I love Paris. Such a lovely city and so many beautiful things to see. Of course, I've only been there and to Armenia, so I don't have a lot to compare it to. I'm so glad you had a great trip!

Marilyn said...

You took some wonderful photos!

Shannon said...

Someday I'll make it to Europe. All your travels have driven up the interest level. I'm glad you had such a fun trip. Travel safe!

Emma T said...

Oh, I feel so left out!!! I have been out of town myself for a few weeks and haven't kept up on blogs. I just went back and read yours. What fun!! And is it too late to enter my name in your give a way?? :-)

The Kurtzeborn Family said...

What fun! It looks like you guys are having a fabulous time! I love all the pictures. Everything is so beautiful and historic looking (Probably becuase it is :) ) Wish I was there too! Michelle's haircut is really cute! Last time I saw her it was long. We wish you and your family a safe trip home . . . . . and hopefully a few days rest to catch up on sleep :)