Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Greetings from Sweden!! And last chance for the Giveaway!!

This will be a much shorter post than my last one, as we only spent one day in Sweden. We loved Stockholm!! It is a truly gorgeous city with very friendly, helpful people. The harbor was incredible, . . .
and the small, cobble streets, enchanting.

It is a very liberal society, however. We were told by a citizen of Sweden, that any drug considered illegal in the US could be purchased in a Swedish grocery store.

In our experience, it was also not as honest as Denmark. In Denmark, the taxi driver got lost on the way to church and gave us a refund from what his meter said we owed him. In Sweden the taxi driver told us he could charge as much as he wanted as there were no controls on fares. (And then he proved it!)

In an effort to avoid crowds we headed first to the Vasa Museum. This is residence to the Vasa gun ship which sailed its maiden voyage in 1628 —a voyage that lasted all of 20 minutes before the boat, which was top heavy due to all the guns—rolled to its side and sunk, killing 50 people. For 300 years it lay on the bottom of the harbor until it was recovered in 1961.

We then took a tour around the harbor by boat (one that thankfully didn’t sink) and walked to the palace for the changing of the guard. This was interesting, but also a bit warm and very crowded. We all got a kick out of the palace band, however, which played several different pieces of classical music and ended with a piece from ABBA!

As is Germany we felt it our duty to sample the local cuisine and so stopped on the street for Swedish meatballs and a very interesting hot dog wrapped in both a bun and mashed potatoes. (Leslie ate that and said it was very good.)

And of course we had to stop for the necessary Magnum Bar. Yum!!!

By now it was time to hurry back to the boat, but not without stopping at a local tourist spot for the obligatory tourist picture.

We spent the next several hours on deck watching the beautiful view of the sun setting over the Stockholm archipelago.

So there you have most of our trip. We return late Saturday night and I will post the winner of the drawing on Monday!! Thanks so much for your comments! They have brightened my trip all along the way!


GRAMEE said...

oh my i love hot dogs and mashed potatoes! old family tradition!!

i am not to sure about the drug situation there. i don't feel comfortable with that!

as usual the pictures are beautiful!

beautiful storm yesterday! kept temps. below 100 in our area..{glendale surprise waddell}

gramee..aka Lindajoy.

Becky said...

My mom used to serve hot dogs and mashed potatoes too--with cheese melted on top. I wonder if that stems from some Sweedish heritage.

Again, your pictures are just beautiful. Thanks for sharing them!

Shannon said...

Looks like you had so much fun. Hope it's not too hard to come home. I heard AZ is in full summer swing. Have a great flight!

JUST ME, THE MOM said...

Oh my gosh the magnum bars! Aren't they just the best! Nothing like them, double dipped and soooo yummy.

I find myself cheering each time you have a new post. So glad I can relive your experiences vicariously - thank you for sharing!


Lisa said...

I like the cobblestone streets in the first picture. Mashed potato hot dogs ewww. What a great trip and good family memories you've made. Wishing you a safe return.

Marilyn said...

What an incredible trip! I haven't been looking at blogs much lately and wow-yours is amazing right now. My husband and my families are both from Denmark and England. I would love a trip to Denmark to see some of the sites there. I LOVE European architecture and the streets.

Christina Bartholomew said...

Beautiful! I love all the photos. What a treasure these moments will be for you. I have Swedish ancestry and my best friend spent five years there while her husband was getting a doctorate, so I feel a bit of a connection to your photos.