Thursday, November 5, 2009

We have Good News and Bad News . . .

It has been a BAD news, GOOD news sort of week.

The BAD news . . . My sweet daughter Kathryn who is up at BYU has swine flu!! And I am here, oh so far away and can’t do anything to help her.

The GOOD news . . . my daughter, Kristen, who is also at BYU and job shares with Kathryn is still healthy. Kristen is in the thick of her major classes right now and can’t afford to miss any days, so we are praying her good health continues.

The GOOD news . . . Michelle (who just turned 16 and is a sophomore) made the VARSITY basketball team!!!

The BAD news . . . my life has now gone to the dogs. Or at least the dog (singular). Michelle is gone ALL day which means Lacy is my sole responsibility and being still in puppy mode, she wants to play . . . all day.

The BAD news . . . it is November and we are back up to 95 degree temperatures.
The GOOD news . . . it may be hot in AZ but we still have some of the most beautiful sunsets on the planet.

The GOOD news . . . I had a couple of my very best days in seminary this past week. On one day a student commented that she thought it was funny when the scriptures would say, “they cried out in one voice.” She did not think that was possible. I suggested that perhaps they were all just united in their desire, or it could mean exactly what it said, and the Spirit moved all the people at the same time. She did not see how that could be. Later in the same day, we came across a principle in the scriptures that was confusing to the students. As we began to discuss its meaning there came a moment when suddenly all the students understood and at the same time they all said, “Ohhhh!!! I get it.” In all my years of teaching I have never had a time when the entire class had an “Ah ha” moment at the exact same time. But then I realized not only that, but they had “all cried out in one voice.” It was so amazing to me how we were given an example the same day she asked how it could happen.

And the BAD news . . . the following day I put half my class to sleep. And this wasn’t just putting their heads on the desk and closing their eyes kind of sleep. It was shake them hard to wake them up sleep!! I promise that is a first for me as well. I wanted to do a reader’s theater but apparently it wasn’t enough to keep their interest. But . . . the good thing about seminary is you get to teach another lesson the very next day so they don’t remember a bad one for very long.:-)
I hope your week was all GOOD!


Shannon said...

Can I pretend to be you and take over some chicken soup? I'd love to impersonate such a great lady!

Lisa said...

That is bad about the swine flu. Hope she feels better soon. Too funny about putting those teenagers to sleep- they were so focused and worked so hard the day before they just needed a nap.

Carolyn said...

Looks like the balance sheet is coming out equal.

GOOD for you for keeping things in perspective.

I hope your daughter feels better soon.

I wish I could come to your seminary class. I need a spiritual shot in the arm right now.

MissKris said...

I think my favorite part of this email is the clipart- SO CUTE! I love the dog. Made me wish I were home to play with her. Bet you wish that now too :)

KC Mom said...

That is just like seminary....good one day and rough the next and you never know when it's going to happen. It keeps you on your toes though.
Bad news about the swine flu at BYU!! I'm wondering if my girl out there is going to get it!
Congrats to your cheerleader!

Jenny-Jenny said...

I'm so sorry she has swine flu and no mommy! We just got through it, not fun. I love the cried out in one voice thing! Did they burst out laughing when they realized what happened?

Momza said...

Checks and glad that you have that perspective. I sure hope your daughter is feeling better each day.
As for the're right--we are living in parallel universes!
Have a great weekend!

Rebecca Irvine said...

Scary she has swine flu--I hope she gets well quick and that your other daughter stays healthy.

My week has been busy, but overall good. I have enjoyed a few of those sunsets lately too!