Monday, December 22, 2008

Carly Amelia Tusler

She is here, in all her glory! She didn’t arrive without a lot of drama, however. For the details you can go to Camille’s blog at For my version, however, you can stay here.

Flying to Colorado was fun. I was so excited about getting a grandbaby, that I told everyone along the way . . . the security guards, all the people in the waiting area at the airport, the stewardesses, those sitting by me on the plane. . .

The next day we went to the hospital . Camille was induced around 8:30, they broke her water in the early afternoon, and after the contractions became steady and painful, she got an epidural. Unfortunately the epidural only took on one side, and in an effort to correct that, the anesthesiologist repositioned the needle and pumped up the medication. With in minutes Camille’s blood pressure started dropping. The medicine to fix that made her heart race and after repeated attempts to stabilize her, the doctor told us they were going to perform an emergency c-section.

I started crying. Since she couldn’t handle the epidural they had to take that off and put her completely under. I felt so bad Camille was going to miss the birth of her baby, but my tears were also out of relief that it was going to be over. Watching the nurses and doctor scurrying around and watching Camille struggle to maintain consciousness over the past hour and a half, was very difficult. I was so relieved a decision was made and Carly would soon be born.

They took us to a waiting room outside the nursery door so we could wait for Dave to bring the baby to us following her birth. And we waited what was only about ten minutes, but what seemed like an eternity.
And then we heard what was one of the most memorable and profound sounds of my life. Chimes. At this hospital they play chimes each time a baby is born. We had heard several chimes during the day and listened with envy. But at 8:00 p.m., when the chimes rang, we knew it was for us and we all started to cry—Dave’s mother, sister and myself. Dave’s dad laughed at us and wondered what all the tears were about.

Since that time we have been having fun playing with the baby, watching Dave change lots of diapers (Camille has yet to do that) and helping Camille in and out of bed and making her walk. Carly is so tiny, only 6 lbs, 12 oz and 19 inches. And she has a lot of dark hair and skin. And of course, she is beautiful!


Heidi Ashworth said...

Yay! She's beautiful!!

Aunty Em said...

Congratulations! This will be probably be the best Christmas ever for you. I'm so happy for your whole family.

Donise Price said...

Well, I told you it would be wonderful! And the best is yet to come. Wait until Carly coming running to you calling your name. (What are you going to be called?) I am so pleased that she has arrived and doing well. She is a tiny one. She will probably get to wear those newborn clothes for a couple of months. Oh, the clothes, you will have so much fun dressing her!

Neil and Meredith Larson said...

Grace was sitting on my lap when we looked at Carly's pictures and she just started laughing! Carly is beautiful, and tell C not to freak out if her legs still look like Grandma's :) It took mine a few days to go down, something with all the drugs they give you. Congrats!

Dave and Camille said...

I love how you write! I should have had you write up the birth story for my blog also, you would have done a much better job... especially since I was pretty high on percocet at the time. :)