Thursday, December 25, 2008

My day with a newborn baby and a dog

11:00 p.m. Dave and Camille (the parents) put Carly (the newborn) to bed and climb into bed themselves. Missing my family in Arizona, I (the grandma) get on the internet to catch up on email.

1:00 a.m. I go to bed. Max (the dog) takes up residence on the floor at the foot of my bed.

1:30. Carly’s robust crying awakens everyone. I get up and find Dave in the nursery changing a diaper. Camille mumbles something incoherent from her bed.

2:00. Carly cries again. I turn over and try to sleep.

3:00. I am awakened by Carly’s cries. I try to go back to sleep but Max is chasing something in his dreams and his noises keep me awake. I try covering my head with a blanket to diminish the noise.

4:00. Carly is crying and I can hear frustrated parental voices in the next bedroom. I knock on the door and ask if I can help. Dave promptly hands me the baby and closes the door.

4:00-4:30. I walk the house with Carly, trying to keep her from awakening her parents. I try to put her in her crib but she immediately protests.

4:30. I decide to try sitting with Carly in my bed as I am feeling rather exhausted. I go to my room and see that Max is now sleeping in my bed so I abandon that thought. I'll clean out the dog hair in the morning.

5:00-6:30. I feel so tired I can barely stand it. I still have Carly and still can’t put her down, so I get on the internet and start reading blogs. Thank you to all you bloggers! You kept me entertained and in good spirits when I was desperate!

6:30-7:15. I sit on the couch with Carly. Max comes and sits next to me and keeps nudging my hand to pet him. I think, “My life has come down to this?”

7:45. I wake up Camille and tell her it is time to feed her hungry baby.

9:00. Camille and I discuss the need to have Carly learn to sleep without someone holding her. Long day.

7:00 p.m. We put Carly in bed and have a strategy meeting on how to deal with her tonight. Dave ends the meeting by saying, “Okay, break!” We all laugh at his reference to a huddle. He comments he feels we are all a team and the baby is our opponent . . . and we are losing.

7:15. Carly is still in bed sleeping. I go to check on her to make sure she is breathing.
7:25. Dave goes to check on her to make sure she is still breathing.
7:40. I go to check on her to make sure she is still breathing.
7:50. Camille goes to check on her . . .

Apparently either way, we don’t sleep. :-)


Heidi Ashworth said...

She is gorgeous! But, um, er, babies don't sleep through the night at this age. My youngest ate every two hours for a good long time and still woke up at least once a night for longer. My middle child slept through the night at two months--she was a miracle! My oldest slept through the night at age five. One thing I did with my daughter that I think really helped--when she woke up to eat, I would first fill a hot water bottle with hot hot water and put it in her bed. When I laid her back down, she just snuggled right down and didnt' make a peep. Good luck!

The Kurtzeborn Family said...

Long night, huh? I'm sure it brought back a flood of memories from when you had your babies! You are such a good mom for being there to help Camille through those first days. Those are the hardest! Congratulations on becoming a grandma! You still look young and great regardless of your new status!

Michelle said...

I enjoyed reading your blog. My 6th baby is 7 weeks old, so I really appreciate both (mom & grandma) of your experiences. My mom came to help me for 3 weeks--what a lifesaver!!

The Ballstaedt's said...

Oh She is so sweet! Congrates on being a grandma.

Aunty Em said...

You are a good Lita (short for abuelita - Jen told me you don't like 'grandma' yet :-). Your day brings back memories, except for the dog part. Oh, that first baby is truly a life changing experience. But look at her! I'm sure you all agree, she is most definitely, TOTALLY worth all of the sleepless nights.


Tracy said...

LOL! It's amazing how a little bundle that is so beautiful can cause so much grief and exhaustion!

What a good grandma you are to take the baby in the middle of the night. I remember my mom telling me, "I've already done the middle of the night. It's your turn." But she'd always take the baby first thing in the morning so I could catch up on a little bit of sleep.

That was when I converted to paper goods and stopped doing dishes. Who wants to do dishes when you can barely open your eyes???

So glad you found my blog! Thanks for your sweet words. :)