Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A lesson from the scriptures

We were studying the feeding of the five thousand in seminary the other day. I love that story. Five thousand plus people were all fed with only five loaves of barley and two small fishes. Yet somehow it was not only enough but there were twelve baskets of food left over.

I have been thinking about that story and how it might relate to life in general and in particular to the Christmas season. It seems there is so much to do to get ready for Christmas day and especially this year, so many people in need. I feel pulled in many different directions, and so lacking in my abilities to do everything that needs to be done and to assist all those who need assistance. But perhaps the lesson for me in this story is this . . . you give what you can, and somehow the Lord makes it be not only enough, but more joy comes back into your life than you yourself give to others. Just a thought . . . for our journeys.


Aunty Em said...

Lori, I love that! What a perfect message for this time of year.

Thanks for sharing, I feel uplifted & lighter already.

Donise Price said...

Oh Lori, you are so wise! I miss learning from you. May I please use this for a spiritual thought in prayer meeting?