Monday, December 22, 2008

Colorado Observations

I have learned a few things since being here in Colorado. Here are a few of them.

1. There is a very good reason I live in Arizona instead of Colorado. It is COLD here! When I went home last night it was 6 degrees. I don't think we have been above 17 since I have been here.

2. If you visit Colorado in the winter, bring gloves!!! Your hands freeze to the steering wheel of the car without them.

3. I also know why I don't have dogs. Hair, hair, everywhere. Camille has two dogs and since Dave has been at the hospital at night, it has fallen to me to put them out in the morning, feed them, put them out again, play with them (somewhat unwillingly on my part) and say, "Down, Cody! Down, Max!" about a hundred times a day--or at least once for each time they jump on me. And I get to clean up dog hair, which is everywhere.

4. It is so sad when hospital food tastes better than what I fix at home. Yesterday I had coconut chicken with mango salsa and the day before it was chicken breast stuffed with brie and apples. Very yummy. It is time to get out the cook books!

5. I am not as directionally challenged as I thought. I just never pay attention. I always get lost when I am somewhere new--including inside the hotels. But since being here I have had to pay attention to where I am going and can make it to the hospital, to Camille's house, church, Walmart and any number of other stores. And I haven't been lost once!


Heidi Ashworth said...

I have always had trouble finding my way around in a car--I have spent most of my life in Northern California where nothing makes any sense. However, most cities in CO are set up on a grid which helps a lot. Also, there are the mountains to the west of you--always (unless you live west of them). Anyway, the only time I got turned around in the 15 months we lived there was a day when the clouds were so thick and gray I couldn't see the mountains. I was in a neighborhood to which I have never been before and I was SO turned around.

Dave and Camille said...

Haha... glad you are enjoying your stay in Colorado! :) Just be glad it didn't blizzard again like it did two years ago... I would get my wish and you would definitely have to stay here with us for a few weeks! Maybe it will snow a lot for the blessing and you and Dad will get stuck here... :)