Thursday, January 22, 2009

Can you catch someone's sick bug over the internet?

Okay, so some days just aren’t that joyful. Some weeks aren’t either, and the past few days have been those kind of days. And do you think I can get germs over the internet?

I have read several blogs and received emails by/from people who are sick, and now I am sick too! I think I caught your bug! Yesterday my head started hurting and this morning I was just down right miserable. My head is pounding, my throat hurts, my body aches. I just want to put on a good movie and go to bed.

And I am sorry to say, I have not been very joyful. I haven’t even been trying to see the joy in my life. Instead today I allowed myself the indulgence of focusing on the not so joyful things. Such as . . .

1. The boy who hit my daughter’s car, took off after hitting her and we have yet to track him down. And, surprisingly, he hasn’t come forward to confess.

2. My husband got strep on his nose following his surgery for cancer. Yes, strep. They put him on penicillin to cure the strep and apparently he is allergic to it. Poor boy. His mother told him he might be, but the doctor insisted it was the best medicine for strep so Wes agreed to take it despite the risk. Besides, the doctor also said the only reaction that was worrisome is he might stop breathing. Okay. No big deal there! Breathing is so over rated, don’t you think?! Luckily his breathing has continued, but he does have an itchy rash. Only one more pill to go, however, and his life should start looking—and feeling— better. (And I bet he is so glad I just published that on the internet!:-)

3. I really don’t like dieters at the moment. Well, I don’t mind people on a diet, I just don’t like it when they have to tell you all about it when you are trying to eat. That piece of chocolate cake I was attempting to enjoy at a luncheon yesterday did not taste very good after the huge dose of guilt that was heaped on it. I ended up having to take it home and eat it later. :-)

4. My seminary class has suddenly turned into a challenge. I am not sure what happened to them over Christmas break, but they went from being a very good, thoughtful, participatory class into one that just stares at me. It has been very discouraging. Time to dig deeper and pull out some new tricks.

5. My husband is a part owner in a construction company and that is not a great place to be right now. It is oh, so sad!

6. I don’t feel well!!!!

Waaaaaaa! Waaaaaaa! Whine! Whine! You are all wondering what I would do if I had real problems, right??? I know, I know. None of these are hugely serious. When I was in the MTC, Mary Ellen Edmunds taught RS and told how she budgeted five minutes each day for complaining and wouldn’t allow herself to complain at any other time but then. I have always loved that thought. Only I have been saving up my five minutes and today is my day. The entire day. However, tomorrow, I promise I will be back . . . joyfully.

Oh, I just got news that a friend of ours who lost his job a few months ago just found a new one. That makes me so happy. But, that didn’t help my pity party any. I am starting to feel better already. Maybe I will just stay cranky until noon.
Editor's Note: After writing the above, my daughter called and told me about a miracle she had this morning with her printer. It was out of ink but she needed six colored copies for a class so she prayed it would work as she figured if the woman in the OT could have her cruse of oil last through the famine perhaps her ink cartridge could miraculously last longer as well. And it did! It got her through the six copies and then quit.
Then, a good friend called and told me about someone she knew who was having a pity party (besides me). The way she told me about it was hilariously funny and not only made me laugh, (a good healer for all ills) but also made me feel a bit guilty for even putting the above in print. So . . . what is up with this???? Don't all these people know I am trying to have a bad day?? I keep getting these wonderful telephone calls that cheer me up.


Becky said...

I think the phrase "men are that they might have joy" gives you permission to have a day off in the joy department. It doesn't say "men are that they must have joy."

I hope you (and your hubby) feel better soon.

Joy For Your Journey said...

I like that thought! Thanks so much.

Emma T said...

Okay funny. I mean I am sorry you have had a bad day, but I can relate to the cake thing. I went to lunch with friends the other day and they all ordered salads. At a Mexican Restaurant!! If that is what they wanted, why didn't we go to a salad restaurant? I was craving enchiladas, but how could I enjoy them with three salads at the table, so I succumbed to peer pressure and ordered a salad instead. Now I want to go back--with different friends, of course. :-)

Chelsea said...

Oh, I am so sorry you are having a bad day. But you are usually a happy person, so just enjoy it. But wait, if you enjoy it, are you then having a bad day, or is it now a good one? Never mind-just do whatever makes you happy, or sad, or whatever . . .

Momza said...

Hey! Boyd K/ Packer says we are all allowed to have a "Good blue mood" once in awhile.
So you just sulk, and whine, and feel yucky all you want. Today.
Tomorrow you will feel better!
oh, and make sure you play the "pity card" as best as you can today...maybe even a peice of chocolate would make you feel better too.

JUST ME, THE MOM said...

Best wishes for a speedy recovery! We all have days like that don't we? (In a mom's world, we're lucky if they're NOT everyday - ha!) Funny how we keep plodding along day to day, not knowing which proverbial straw will break the camels back :)



in time out said...

this is a beautiful post. i came because i love President Monsens talk, joy in the journey and your blog title intrigued me. I will be back. thanks for writing and for being you. so refreshing. i hope you get feeling better. and yes, you can catch things on the joy, in reading your site. thanks.!!! ♥

Aunty Em said...

I am so sorry that you're sick, but glad to know you're still human. It makes me feel better to know that "joyful" people such as yourself have bad days too. I just really love your perspective on everything.

P.S. Does digging deeper with your seminary class include doughnuts? I know that always helped me :-).