Sunday, January 25, 2009

I've Been Tagged----Seven Things About Me

So here are seven things about me that most anyone reading this would not know.

I can remember what someone wore to a dance twenty years ago or what restaurant they went to for their birthday five years ago, who they went with and what they ordered. But I can never remember where I put my keys or my sunglasses, or where I parked the car.

My favorite color is purple. I have four purple jackets, two purple dresses, two purple sweaters, a purple phone, purple sunglasses, purple sweat pants, and several purple t-shirts. My bathroom towels are purple, I have purple dishes and even purple curtains in my kitchen. My children think I have an addiction, but I think it is genetic. I have two sisters who have purple walls in their houses, and one has purple lights in her bathroom and a purple iron.

I have traveled to six of the seven continents (just missing Antarctica) and 37 different countries. My dream job would be to write for a travel magazine, but instead I just send home emails of our adventures to friends and family members. Although it is even more fun when they come along.

My husband when we were in Egypt, November 2007

I am plagued with a bad back that causes pain and frustration a good deal of the time—despite the exercising, physical therapy and stretching. (Although it is better than it used to be.)
Some of my favorite things are: sunrises and sunsets, splashing through puddles and crunching fall leaves; laughing, being with family and late nights visiting with friends, bubble baths, beaches, planning parties, reading good books, teenagers, tulips and chocolate.

I have had lunch with my husband every Wednesday nearly every week for the past 17 years. We started doing this when his life got very busy and we needed to be creative in finding time to spend together. In the beginning we took babies and toddlers with us, but now we are alone. And it is always one of the highlights of my week.

I am very good at organizing events, parties, people, and ideas, but I have absolutely no idea how to file so I just stack everything. Consequently I have stacks of papers and books all over my house. But part of my new year’s resolution of weeding my life is to clean up the stacks. I have been working on it, so hopefully by the end of this year, I will be stack free!

So there you have it. Thanks to Heidi Ashworth (Dunhaven Place) for tagging me. Now I want to tag Emily, Nature Girl, and Debi. I look forward to reading your blogs and learning more about each of you!
And may you all find . . . joy in your journey.


gramee said...

you and i could almost be twins.. i am so the same about the remembering things, and purple. not lunch or writing though.. traveling, i haven't traveled quite so much, only to europe and mexico. i have piles of papers and books. i take pictures of sunsets and sunrises.. i love your layout i had it till i lost it, then i changed to purple, i love all things joy.. so now i confessed my secrets to
i will now follow you because i am a blog stalker..

JUST ME, THE MOM said...

This was very entertaining to read about you. Lots of great ideas and motivating thoughts in there . . . except maybe the purple (not my color, I could say the same thing about black . . . just what DOES that say about me . . . ?) We actually have a lot in common:) Thanks for sharing!


Aunty Em said...

Jenny never told me about the purple thing, that should make it pretty easy for people to give you gifts.

I love that you & Wes have done lunch every Wednesday for years. That is the best idea. There is something about going out to lunch with people that makes me so happy :-)!

And I completely envy all of your travel. That is a dream of both Manuel's & mine - to do more of it. Although, I'm definitely grateful for the bit we've done - several Mexico trips, England, Costa Rica & Nauvoo. All in good time, right?!

Thanks for tagging me, I'll be working on my list for the next few days.... until then, thanks for sharing!

Momza said...

No wonder I follow your blog.
My formal livingroom is sage green and aubergine (purple) as is my bedroom, and yes,even my dishes, and bathroom towels and rugs.
Maybe we should form a support group?
I've only been to the UK 3 times though.
And piles...h I regret are a terrible habit I too wish would go away. and I could go on...but this is YOUR blog...hehehe

MissKris said...

I'll also add to the list of unique traits about my mom-
1- She loves to wake up early.
2- she has a great eye for photography and her pictures are always the backgrounds for my desktop. (She's the only one so far to have that honor)
3- she is one of the most generous people I know. She has a very open heart.
4- she has honor- she keeps the promises she makes and even the ones her children make for her (hehe remember the cinnabon promise? :)
Love ya mom!

Heidi Ashworth said...

I so envy you your 37 countries and your wednesday dates with your husband. sigh . . .I have your stacks already. Oh, and hey, I am the same way you are about purple, only it's pink. I even have a pink toaster. I love it! So glad I tagged you for this!

Debi (Dubs2007) said...

misskris - thankyou for sharing your list, i was stuck and your list unstuck me!

Thanks for tagging me, hopefully I can do that today!

The Kurtzeborn Family said...

How fun! I always remember you and your husband taking the neatest vacations! I had no idea you had been to that many places though. You have seen some pretty amazing things! I love that you go out to lunch every week. What a neat tradition for the two of you. I'm so glad I checked your blog today! I have a lunch date with my husband today and I completely forgot about it until I read your post!! Thanks for the reminder :) Enjoy lunch with your hubby tomorrow!

Marilyn said...

I think these are the funnest posts to read but the hardest ones to write! Thanks for sharing more about you.

April said...

I loved learning about you from Heidi's tag! I am envious of your travels but not of your back problems. I'm sorry about that!