Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Arizona "Rain" Storm . . . and oh so pretty party decorations.

Here is a picture of our rain storm the other night. Lots of wind and dust, even a rainbow, but only a few drops of rain. Ahhh, life in the desert. :-)

And in other news . . .

Last night was the party at my house I have been working on the past several days. I had a vision of everything in gold but was worried it might look boring. I think it turned out beautifully though!! I got the table cloths from and at first didn't like them, as I thought they looked a bit dull. But then I put them on the table and when the light would shine on them they would glisten!! I loved it!!

My friend Susan helped set everything up and made the beautiful center pieces. They were so simple yet so elegant!

The party was so much fun. The food was delicious (everyone brought something--15 couples) and we played the most simple but fun game--Christmas Carol Pictionary.
We first divided into four teams. Each person was given one of four different song titles and at the same time everyone started singing their song until all members of their team were identified. Then each team was given a dry erase board and a marker. One person from each team was selected as the artist. I gave the four artists the name of a Christmas carol (I wrote them out ahead of time on slips of paper and drew them from a basket). Each person then went back to their team and at the same time all four started drawing. The team that named the carol first, won that round. Each round a different person was selected to draw.
It was so much fun and got very crazy!!
Thanks Jenny and Suzy for all your party planning help and all your hard work to make everything turn out so well!!
And in case anyone was wondering . . . only 16 more days until all my kids are home!!!


Rebecca Irvine said...

Love the decorations!! I am sure your party was a success; sure sounds fun.

PS, thanks for ordering my book!

Carolyn said...

I love rainbows and I love gold!

I have no doubt it was a success. I already know you can throw a great party. I seem to remember togas at the last one :)

(Thanks for your encouragement. I love your comments.)

Christina said...

Beautiful! Can I borrow all your talents for tomorrow night? We're hosting DH's work group and all I have planned is to get the house clean, the kids to the neighbor's, and then stay out of the way while DH & one of his co-worker's husband make the meal.

Jeanette said...

I love reading about your parties. Makes me want to invite a bunch of people over and have some fun myself.

MissKris said...

My favorite part of the decorations are the napkins. I think they added just the right touch to the table.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful dinner party - you've motivated me to do something besides paper...;}

JUST ME, THE MOM said...

OK - that does it! I so want to be you! I was on board after the last party, but this sounds like so much fun! Taking notes madly! Once I get this wedding (again 8) out of the way, we are having people over!


Donise Price said...

Your party looked fabulous! You can always come up with great ideas.