Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Confession Of My Obsessions!

I picked up this tag from Momza's House--A confession of my obsessions. Actually I think I am supposed to be confessing my addictions, but since "obsession" rhymed better, I went with that.

1. Chocolate.

So lets get the food out of the way first. I really like chocolate. I like it solid, in cake, on ice cream, warm and gooey, cold or hot. I just don't like it dark or white. But milk chocolate in all its forms . . . yummmm.

2. Dishes.

I don't really get this one, but I LOVE dishes. I love dinner plates, cups, and serving bowls. I have really cute green plates for spring, red ones for Christmas, burgundy for fall, purple and gold ones for special occasions, multi colored for Mexican night, china for really special occasions and white ones for regular use. But the funny thing is . . . I almost always use paper plates! The only time I ever get out my vast array of dishes is on Sunday or when we have company.

3. Fresh flowers.

I love them! They make my heart sing. And my favorite flowers of all are tulips. I think that is because they are so simple and fresh looking.

4. Just about anything purple.

I am drawn to anything in a store that is purple. Paper, clothes, napkins, purses, anything. And I have a hard time not buying it. I am getting better though. I have realized that a person can only use so many purple jackets and sweaters. And yes, all those in the picture are mine.

I think that is probably enough confession for one day. If anyone else wants to pick up the tag, feel free!


Dave and Camille said...

mmmmm...chocolate.... good obsession to have. :)

Momza said...

Ha! I love what you love too!
Dishes...I HAVE to walk down the dish aisle of nearly every store I can when I have pretty dishes! And love Polish pottery too!
Purple is a color in my house...only it's called Amethyst, Aubergine, or
Love your Obsessions!

M said...

ahhh...this entry made me smile...and become a little hungry :)

MissKris said...

You're so cute.
I love your obsessions.
And you're actually lucky on the first one. How'd you like to be me and like Milk, Dark AND white chocolate.
It's a good think I like running :)

Lisa said...

I'm a bit crazy for dishes too. I like to go to Ross because they always seem to have something perfect that's usually not too expensive.

Fresh flowers and chocolate of course. You and I must be suckers for romance.

Jenny-Jenny said...

My dish obsession is for anything white. But I at least got a little wise to myself and love to find the stuff at Thrift Stores. Can't usually walk out of Goodwill without a few serving dishes

Rebecca Irvine said...

I like dishes too; I think it comes from my mom, who owns at least four sets of china. And I am always drawn to navy blue and white things in the store. I just can't help myself!

swedemom said...

I don't understand the milk chocolate obsession. Haven't you ever had European dark chocolate? I am extremely fond of a Danish brand called Anton Berg. Makes me miss Sweden desperately.

I love purple too. And tulips are beautiful. The best picture I have ever taken was of tulips in Amsterdam.

Da Bergs said...

I love dishes and flowers too! AND, look at how nicely those 2 pics match!!! How fun to have them both on my table for spring!!!

Marilyn said...

This is a fun idea for a post! Once I settle down from my trip to Utah, I'm going to do it too. BTW-I sat next to one of your former seminary students on the airplane this morning. She ADORES you and your family. Her name is Kendra Buckannon (SP?). She was on her way home from BYU Idaho and I spent an enjoyable 1 1/2 hours chatting with her. Cute girl! And she was VERY complimentary of your family......Such a small world!

Small House said...

Chocolate and Purple....I'm with you!!! Recently I've started purchasing more fun dishes and bowls. They can make my lousy cooking look pretty good.
Have a great day.

Just ME the MOM said...

How much fun is this! I may have to borrow the idea also! I also love dishes, so hard to not buy them everywhere I go . . . also love the fresh flowers, can't hardly resist them each time I'm in Costco.

And it's dark chocolate for me - the darker the better:)